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The Key Roles Played by A Wedding Planner


Getting married to your love is probably the best thing that life can offer to a person. Everybody wishes to marry their lover or beloved in a grand manner. Now, getting married sounds like a dream come true but, they can get super tiring too. Here’s when wedding planners step in to make your life a lot easier.

Who is A Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is someone who helps you with the planning, organisation and management of your wedding. A wedding planner takes all the responsibility of your wedding in their own hands so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing. That is why hiring a wedding planner is always a brilliant idea. We all know that Indians weddings are a pretty big occasion, and in order to make it work successfully, you should get in touch with the best Indian wedding consultant near you.

People with great listening quality can become very good wedding planners. Someone who is compassionate, loves and cares about everyone, is, again, a brilliant candidate for the role of a wedding planner.

What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner does not have the most comfortable job in the world, to be honest. They work primarily by meeting with the clients and then gradually they become a part of the whole wedding agenda. They will ask you what your requirements are, know your budget, and based on that, they will come up with the best solution that they can offer.

The wedding planner will also provide the client a contract on which the latter will have to sign. Once the contract has been signed, the couple can go, relax and spend as much time as they want to spend together. From this moment, arranging the whole wedding  becomes the responsibility of the wedding planner. Practically speaking, from arranging the flowers on the stage to the final payment of the caterers, the wedding planner does everything for the bride and the groom.

Some of the works of a wedding planner are:

  1. Help choosing the outfits
  2. Arranging the caterers
  3. Getting the invitations printed
  4. Finding the right venue at the right location
  5. Taking care of lights, floral decorations and other visuals
  6. Meeting with vendors
  7. Receiving the deliveries

How Does A Wedding Planner Work?

A wedding planner does not have a typical nine-to-five hour job. The clients that they meet are usually working people, so only when the former gets finished with their jobs, the wedding planners get to meet them. Their work also varies because when the wedding season is in peak, they barely get any rest. Also, the weddings usually take place on the weekends, especially on Saturdays. So an Indian wedding consultant has to stay prepared to work on weekends as well. Their work also demands a lot of physical labour. They are working all day, all night long just to make sure that your new life gets a kick start with happiness, blessings and good memories.