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The Leading Graduate Degree For Those Who Are Interested In The Field Of Communications



Communication is an often unrecognized key to the triumphs and failures of a project. Communication is defined in Wikipedia as “the process of exchanging verbal messages or information by people of different minds.” It is the exchange of information or communication of ideas and feelings between people and organizations. Communication is a way of conveying information. In business communications, communication is key to making deals, communicating with clients, staff, vendors and government officials, sharing information, presenting information, listening to and understanding feedback, defending and advancing a project, managing conflict, resolving problems, identifying and developing future goals and objectives and managing risks and opportunities. So you see, communication is vital!

Some of the most important areas of study in the field of interpersonal communication are public relations, media relations, communications law, information communications, media development, and communications research. The first four broad areas of study are important in the life and work of everyone. There are many degree programs and certificate programs in these areas of study. However, the most common degree program is a Master’s Degree in Communications or a BS in Communications and Marketing.

The Bachelor’s degree options for those looking to get into the communications major include Advertising, Communications, Journalism, Multimedia Journalism, Press Relations, Story Writing, TV/Film/ Videos, Animation, Web Development and Visual Communication. The Bachelors degree options include Communications Major, Communications Minor, Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship, Law and Paralegal. Some of the more popular concentration degrees in the communications major are American Studies, Communications Management, Communication Studies, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Work. Some universities also offer a minor in Communications. As you can see, there are numerous possibilities for students interested in getting a degree in Communications.

As mentioned, there are several degree programs you can get into if you are interested in getting a degree in Communications. However, the most common Bachelor’s Degree is a Bachelor of Arts Degree which focuses on communication careers. This may seem somewhat redundant but, as it is the most common option for most communications majors, it will be discussed here. At the completion of this degree program, individuals will have taken classes such as Introduction to Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Communication Disorders, Introduction to Business Communications, Managing Communication, and Writing Strategies and Methods.

If your major is in mass communications and you are interested in working in marketing or advertising, your undergraduate coursework may have prepared you for a number of jobs including communications professionals. You will likely take classes such as Introduction to Mass Communication, Public Relations, and Journalism. These classes will prepare you well for internships or entry-level positions. If you are planning to pursue graduate courses in communications studies, you will likely take courses such as Communications Masters, Communications Majors, Communications Studies, and Applied Communication Skills. You will also need to take a course on mass communications to complete your degree programs.

Once you have taken your undergraduate courses, you may wish to return to school to get a Bachelor of Science in Communication. There are many communication majors that pursue this degree such as Communications Masters, Communications Majors, and Communications Studies. In many cases, graduates have job options ranging from a secretary to a public relations specialist. In addition, graduates with these credentials often make top salaries in their careers. Salaries paid as a communications major range from around $30k per year to a little more.

One of the most common degrees for professionals who are interested in communications is a Bachelor of Science in Counselor Education. These professionals typically have very strong communications skills and enjoy helping students in their communication majors by providing professional development workshops and seminars. Typically, a bachelors degree will lead to a higher salary than a master’s degree.

A final degree course for professionals who would like to further their education are a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication. These professionals often work in advertising or in the communications departments of other companies. A visual communication associate degree may lead to a salary of around $30k or greater. A visual communication associate degree is typically longer than other communication majors and requires additional professional development courses such as one or two years of design courses, a foreign language, and one or two years of internship experience.