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The Most Effective, Efficient Relationship Marketing Tactics in 2021


When you communicate with and care about your customer, you invest in a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, not just a one-off, quick sale. This not only builds and promotes brand loyalty and identity but also creates a wider, more loyal customer base.

Since today’s customer is woke about the options available in the market, it is imperative that you learn how to hold your customers to your brand. There are various relationship management techniques that you can implement to promote and build a connection with your audience.

Here are a few strategies that are commonly used nowadays:

  • Prioritise Your Customer

Today, market saturation has led brands to shift their focus from the competition to their customer. With a proactive approach towards the customer, you can attend to any issues faced by your audience and provide solutions and become customer-friendly. People always tend to remember and go back to brands that are willing to go an extra mile for their customers.

  • Offer Loyalty Programs To Your Regulars

Customers want to know that they are loved and wanted by you. Ensure that you make an effort to show gratitude for your customers and reward them for their loyalty. That can be in any form of internet marketing in Adelaide, like special discounts, gift cards, early access to your products, etc. This type of public declaration keeps your existing customers happy, feeling loved and makes others strive to be a part of such loyalty programmes. You need to make sure that your loyalty program provides your customers real value.

  • Take and Implement Feedback From Your Customers

Customer feedback should be on the forefront of all your business decisions. This can function as a learning opportunity for you and your brand. You can also use this opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your customers. Consider asking open-ended questions in a survey or feedback form that encourages more than one-word answers.

Each question should be crafted very carefully and should be in accordance with the goal of the survey. You can use the data gathered from these surveys and internet marketing strategies in Adelaide to enhance the customer experience. This will also help you understand what your customers expect from your brand. It doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative, you should act on all types.

  • Engage With Your Audience On Their Terms

People don’t like to be manipulated and forced to interact with brands through spam emails, calls, messages or survey forms given out at every corner in the city. Your brand identity and loyalty will only increase when customers come to you on their own. You need to make your brand visible on multiple channels so that customers can easily reach you. This goes for online and offline channels. The first step towards this is understanding what platforms your target audience uses the most and creating your presence there.

Once the research on your audience is done, you can start putting out relatable content on channels like emails, social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also tailor your content to fit different types of media platforms as a part of your internet marketing strategy in Adelaide. This approach will get you more organic results than spam and build a wider customer base for your brand.

  • Always Be Available For Your Customer

What is the worst thing a friend can do to you that could lead to conflict? Is the answer ghosting people? Yes! Ghosting your customers can be as damaging to your brand as your friend ghosting you in a time of need. In this fast-tracked world, nobody has the time to sit and listen to automated call responses on customer service numbers. While time-constraints can’t be avoided, there is always something a brand can do to ensure that their customer gets the support they are looking for.

24/7 chat boxes can be set up on the website that can answer simple FAQs and perform simple tasks like request a call-back or place an order.
Regularly checking in with your customers and enquiring about their product experience can really show your audience that you care about them.

This type of communication can help fix problem areas as well as create new opportunities.

Final Thoughts

While this may not be a fully perfect guide to relationship marketing, you can use these pointers to gain a sturdy foundation for long-term customer engagement. It may seem like too much work in the beginning but the end results like better customer retention and a wider customer base will make it worth the effort.