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The Must-know Aspects Before Involving In Ubereats Clone App Development

Ubereats Clone

Food delivery has been the biggest emerging business in the 21st century. It has capitalized on increasing smartphone usage and rapid penetration of the Internet. Customers who prefer to take a break away from their cooking chores have found instant food delivery apps to be a huge blessing. 

Though there are many food delivery platforms in the market, only a few of them stand out for their domination in this fast-growing industry. Uber Eats has a large user base as it functions in 45 countries across the globe. It crossed an all-time high revenue of $4.8 billion in 2020 and its total customers exceeded 66 million. 

Entrepreneurs aspiring for resounding success in the food industry can utilize the UberEats clone that contains smooth-functioning Android and iOS apps for passengers, drivers, and a robust admin dashboard.

The stand-out features in the UberEats clone app are

An advanced search and filter option

  • There are several lakhs of restaurants listed on the UberEats clone. 
  • Users can easily search for their desired cuisine as eateries are divided into many categories and sub-categories. 
  • The food dishes are also divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items apart from distinguishing between their type (vegetarian or non-vegetarian). 
  • The frequently-ordered items by customers will be placed in the “Recommendation” section. 
  • The UberEats clone app thoroughly understands user behavior and enables them to make the best decision while ordering their food. 

An easy-to-use interface

  • The friendliness of the user interface can make a huge difference between the success and failure of the food delivery app.
  • The customers must get utmost comfort while ordering food, payment, writing reviews as part of their feedback, and checking their status of delivery. 
  • This ensures more downloads of the UberEats clone app and greater business traction in the market. 
  • Users who are completely satisfied with the food delivery app will also recommend it to others leading to positive word of the mouth publicity. 
  • A cluttered user interface without any simple buttons and widgets will displease the customer and force them to uninstall the UberEats clone app from their devices.

Speediness in transaction settlement

  • It is best to accept multiple payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking transfers, cash, digital wallets, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 
  • Ensure adequate safety measures to safeguard the users’ funds and payment details like account number, PIN, and CVV number.
  • Have a backup of all the transaction history in well-organized records which would be useful for future reference. 

Offer plenty of discounts and coupons  

  • Food dishes on the UberEats clone cost less when compared to dining in restaurants. People regularly use these apps due to the presence of numerous offers, discounts, and promo codes that help them to reduce their food bill to a great extent. 
  • Make sure to have a flexible mechanism to change discount rates based on the operational expenses. 
  • New users can be encouraged by giving them flat discounts on their first order or first transaction on the UberEats clone. 

Share regular push notifications 

  • Keep customers informed about all the latest developments like new discounts, coupons, order status, and location of the concerned delivery executive through push notifications sent directly to their devices
  • Detailed notifications like a newsletter and a promotional campaign can be shared with users through email. 
  • Make sure to not send too many push notifications simultaneously as the user will feel highly dissatisfied when he/she is bombarded with too many messages. 

Enhance the order management capacity

  • Offer group ordering options for customers as it gives them a lot of flexibility. 
  • Handle bookings by corporate companies and parties as it will help your UberEats like food delivery app to scale up food production. 
  • Other tools like a comprehensive restaurant dashboard, an advanced Point of Sale (POS) system, and establishing detailed health and safety standards can also be used. 
  • Priority delivery can be done for those customers who are located closeby. 
  • Those who do not prefer home delivery can be given an in-restaurant takeaway facility instead. 

Introduce Innovative measures

  • Launch virtual restaurants that need a tiny physical space to operate only for fulfilling food deliveries. The UberEats clone can take care of understanding customers’ interests, menu optimization, launching the virtual restaurant, and identifying new profitable opportunities in the industry. 
  • Utilize analytical tools by knowing the total sales, average order value per day or month, overall customer rating, employee productivity, canceled orders, speed of delivery, and downtime. It can be organized in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and charts. 
  • Invest in Research and Development (R&D) activities by hiring experts who will help in discovering new trends, decreasing marginal costs, and preventing the repetition of mistakes in the business operations. 

As seen above, the UberEats clone has completely transformed the entire food industry. More eateries are venturing into food delivery by partnering with aggregators to survive the rapidly changing market conditions. Hence, invest resources in the UberEats clone to achieve all the business goals successfully.