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The Nightmare Of A University Student


University Students go through a lot, on daily basis. Well, that just not only include grades and progress of their majors. But overall they go through a series of tensions that provoke them to be rebel especially in their houses with their families. We, not on purpose can fully blame the student to develops such an agitation and frustrate behavior mainly because university life is undoubtedly tough to suffer and even tougher to survive.

One phase of that, comes in the form of FYP. FYP is the acronym for Final year Project, the decider of a university student’s life. Undoubtedly they’re however students take such stress for them even before preparing them that it becomes a lot to handle for them when their time of actual FYP comes. This behavior is actually built from the reviews of senior students and even cousins who actually scare students by telling them their FYP’S failures.

Nonetheless, presently Thesis Writing Services are launched by many entrepreneurs that aim to help out university students that are actually in need where there time comes. One reason for his is actually because they are stressed to not perform well with those FYPs and secondly they become tire to perform that on their own.

Not all students leave everything and don’t even start some take a leap on their projects however didn’t end up as planned. Which is where they have an option to opt for services as aforementioned. Anyhow, the question lies here is WHY STUDENTS TAKE SO MUCH STRESS ABOUT IT?

The answer is simple and clean, and that is final year projects comprises of almost 70% of the total marks distribution and in some institutions there are a separate course of these projects in which success is considered only scoring above 70%. These restrictions and stress overtime builds in the minds of a university student and especially for that student who is studying form their hard earned money.

However, this nightmare of a university student can be turned into day dreams only if teachers and professionals corporate with students and give some mercy onto the already disturbed students mainly because in between all this chaos the creativity of students is lost. As per a survey conducted for the partial fulfilment of a student’s final year project, university students are found to develop their developmental wellbeing in the years of their university.

This is why, students’ nightmares regarding their projects are real & true but not justified at all. Thereby, teachers and university academic heads are required and requested to ease out the students by showing some leniency with them and providing them with adequate material and supervisiors to guide them through this journey to successfully submit and complete their FYPs.