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The Questions Surrounding Medical Negligence Claims


Medical negligence is a common mistake made around the world. Every country has different defining laws that give individuals the right to make a claim against medical negligence. Even though healthcare workers work tirelessly to provide the best services for patients, sometimes treatments and care may not work out due to carelessness or recklessness. There are several reasons for medical negligence to occur, including delays, wrong or improper care, wrong diagnosis, and wrong medications. These reasons which lead to medical negligence can eventually lead to a bigger problem, and sometimes even death.

Victims of medical negligence are allowed by law to claim compensation for their losses. Those who are new to this part of the legal system should first know what constitutes a medical negligence claim. Filing for a wrong medical claim could cost you money and bring you nothing in return. A medical negligence claim can and should only be claimed when you’re absolutely sure that you were the target of medical negligence.

Medical Negligence Claim

A medical negligence claim is monetary compensation you can seek in return for physical, financial or mental losses that you incur due to medical negligence. This task seems difficult, especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know the basic details. We will help you understand how a medical negligence claim should be made, and what steps to take or avoid. Seeking professional help before going forward with making a claim is important. If you end up making a medical negligence claim for an accident that cannot be pinned on the accused, you might end up paying more in lawyer’s fee rather than what you earn back from the claim. Legal matters that include financial claims need to be reassessed and checked thoroughly before they are claimed. Here’s what you need to do before pursuing the case.

What To Do?

For instance, a medical negligence claim can only be made within three years of the diagnosis of an issue that was caused by medical negligence. Making a claim after this period of time will have no advantage or result for you. It is also vitally important to hire a medical negligence lawyer who has vast experience dealing with this particular genre of cases. With a lawyer, you will have a better overview of the legal system and your options.

Medical negligence claims are often settled outside court, so don’t worry about ending up in court with hefty schedules. The common scenario is that once you have proven that you are a victim, the other parties usually come up with a settlement offer. If you believe the settlement offer is sufficient, you can accept it and the matter doesn’t go to court. However, if the amount is insufficient and negotiations come to a halt, the case then may be forwarded to a court of law.

Who Can You Claim Against?

Medical negligence claims can be made against any and all healthcare providers. Doctors, private practitioners, surgeons, dentists can all be held responsible if you have a solid case. If you feel that a certain healthcare treatment, surgery or medicine has caused you to be a victim, you can claim against it through a lawyer and proper channels. As we mentioned, healthcare workers have to be extra careful when dealing with patients. They work tirelessly to produce flawless results because any shortcomings on their part could lead to someone else becoming a fatality in the worst-case scenario. However, sometimes recklessness, carelessness, or simply a small mistake could lead to medical negligence on their part. If you believe you’ve become a target of medical negligence, you need to make a claim for it. However, make sure you consult Wallace Legal with your scenario before pursuing the claim. We have a team of extremely professional and experienced lawyers and solicitors who can help you see if your case is strong, and how much should you make a claim. Contact us or visit our website to see the services we provide and for more information on our scope.


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