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The reasons why infusion pumps have become more popular


It is virtually impossible for a hospital to own each and every type of equipment. Taking into consideration the fact that a hospital rents over 35000 pieces of equipment it makes sense. Renting of medical equipment would keep the costs down, where in 2013 the bill of a daily stay at a hospital was $ 4000. Infusion pump manufacturers have intensified their production in hospitals since it is one of the popular rented medical equipment at a hospital. An IV is a common sight at a hospital and the use of infusion pumps is to regulate the amount or rate of fluids easily. In addition they would reduce the margin of error that every hospital would be looking to avoid.

The working  of an infusion pump?

An infusion pump is known to administer fluids to a patient intravensly.  It can be nutrients or medications in the form of pain relievers, antibiotics that too in specific amounts. Mostly you come across them in hospitals, but nursing homes too end up using them.  Someone could use it at their homes for a patient who is bed ridden.  An infusion pump manufacturers  incorporates a couple of infusion pumps. A couple of categories of infusion pumps are there, one is the large volume pumps where it feeds a patient. Secondly it is the small volume pump that would be mainly focusing on the medication features of a patient.

Most of the pumps are smart and there is no need for any manual operation of the same. A trained user needs to be there to undertake an initial level of programming. Most of them tend to have in built safety features which may be activated if any issue arises. The newer models may provide alarms when there is a bad reaction to a drug or if a pump would be set up to unsafe levels.

The advantages

Most of the medical establishments are looking at an option of renting out an infusion pump due to the numerous advantages it provides. They have been in operation since the 1960s and it is a well-known fact they are the best way in allowing medications or fluid on to the body. Even the bio- availability absorption is 100 %. Earlier the infusion pumps were undertaken by hand.

What it means is that every time a person would require administering of fluids, a nurse needs to come out and measure the dose and personally delivery is necessary. But if there is an intrusion pump it is possible for the nurse to program the pump to deliver fluids at a specific time. Then it is the rate and quantity would be making his or her inroads. This makes sure that the patient would be having what they require and the nurse would be having less time to be undertaking a myriad of tasks.

To sum up things infusion pumps provides numerous benefits over manually administration of fluids. It may go on to deliver fluids in small volumes.