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The role of high school scholarships in CBSE admissions in Ahmedabad

admission in CBSE
admission in CBSE

Ahmedabad has some really great schools, getting admission in CBSE schools which are considered to help shape the life and destiny of children in the best possible way. That is the reason that parents are quite keen that their children make the cut. Many of these schools are run by international chains and provide the best possible amenities and facilities that compare favourably with what is available in the best of schools abroad.

They boast cutting edge classrooms, state of the art playgrounds, the best of local and international curricula, excellent gyms, cafeteria, swimming pools, tennis courts and so on. All of these are considered critically important in the growth and development of a child. That being stated, all these facilities come for a price that is built into the tuition fee. This unfortunately means that quite a few parents would find it difficult to put their children into such schools. 

This is where the role of scholarships that some of these schools provide to meritorious students comes in handy. Many of the top CBSE schools provide such scholarships and these are mainly in two categories.


Many top CBSE schools provide partial or full scholarships to students who excel in academics. This helps many meritorious students, who otherwise would have to forego the opportunity to study in such schools, to get the kind of education they deserve.


These schools also offer similar high school scholarships to students who excel at sports at a certain level. This allows them to complete their education in a leading CBSE school with top notch facilities. Not only do they get academically qualified, they obtain access to the best of sporting facilities and coaching.


Then there are talent based scholarships, awarded to students who have talent and have performed well at a certain level either in singing, dancing, olympiads or quizzes. These scholarships encourage students other than meritorious or in need students.


The education of a child is the responsibility not only of the parents, but also society to quite an extent. By extending monetary assistance in the shape of scholarships to deserving students, many leading CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, play a key role in empowering students’ futures and help shape their destiny in the best possible manner.

The important thing to note here is that the parents and students have to be aware about what is on offer and the way that one has to go about applying for these scholarships. They have to ensure that all the eligibility criteria are met and the paperwork is in order. Considering what is at stake and the great demand for these scholarships it is important that one takes care of these aspects, so as to not suffer heartbreak later.