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The Thrilling Pursuit of following your Niche

Thrilling Pursuit of following your Niche

Every individual aims of emerging as a top-notch personality in their respective vocations. They build dreams of formulating as a second to none person to enjoy success and prosperity. The attraction of finding comfort in being solvent, becoming a brand, and rolling in cash lures individuals to go to unprecedented avenues.

However, in the pursuit of becoming something substantive, amateurs often brush aside the fact of whether they are even following their niche. Making money or forming a constructive name in society blinds them from the actuality of whether they are pursuing something they love or not. They brush aside their passion and work tirelessly to become something substantive.

It is evident that such individuals will get the gains of cash, reputation, substantive recognition, and coverage, but on the other hand they may be down casted in the long run for not following their passion. This leads to burnout, although having everything one could possibly ask for but not enjoying due to the absence of the necessary thrill and love in their vocation.

Additionally, some individuals are often afraid or hesitant to follow their passion due to their unique line of work. They are scared to pursue something unusual as the society may question them or reject their work. However, one should not be afraid to follow their passion due to the fear of others. Rejection and failure are sometimes inevitable. Hence the actual game is to be strong enough to deal with them productively.

Furthermore, one should toil in what they are passionate about. Money, fame, and recognition will follow if one works hard with all their heart and soul. it is evident that being enthusiastic and passionate are such phenomenal attributes that elevate your trade to a sky-high level.

A prime example of someone who has attained a high achieving career by following her passion is the contemporary British artist Bolli Blas. She paints wide-eyed characters called ‘bollis’, which touch the souls of the beholder exceptionally. Her work is inspired from real-life experiences and encounters; hence they reflect intensity and depth. Her unique work of fine arts has made her everything from nothing.

The thrilling artist did not hesitate to follow her unique passion and made her name by exhibiting sui generis artistic skills. She believes that one should go after their dreams and not authorize anyone to put stumbling blocks or impediments in the road to the success of passionate artists.

Bolli has proved to the world how one can rise to an elevated height by following their passion. One should always practice what they love rather than being entangled in the stereotypical precedents set by society.

Bolli says,

“Painting my Bollis is a labor of love. But of course, there are some significant challenges involved. I suppose a lot of people perceive the artist as just painting, while all the other activities involved in trying to bring a product to market are overlooked. Shipping, packaging, organising exhibitions, communicating with galleries and collectors, dealing with customs, filling tax returns, responding to people, marketing, ordering paint, running out of paint… All these take a lot of oraganising and planning to ensure there is still time for what’s most important, coming up with ideas and bringing them to life. Some days I feel absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of things to be done even though there are people who help me organise but I always make sure there is plenty of time left to dedicate to my ideas and painting.”

She continues,

“When I first started in the world of art, a challenge I faced and that almost every artist (with the possible exception of Cezanne) will struggle with is trying to sustain a living through this chosen vocation. It might be tempting to abandon what you love and go with what might seem a more commercially successful career. But it definitely pays off to stick to what you really want to so even if it means supporting art career through another job at first. I do believe in doing what you love. It’s definitely easier said than done for the emerging artists.”


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