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The top 6 reasons to use acp cladding in commercial buildings

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Aluminum Composite Panel, or ACP, according to ACP cladding suppliers in Dubai ACP is a cutting-edge material that is widely used in the construction sector. Because of its varied applications, the material offers a growing number of possibilities to builders and architects;ACP panels are most popular in the construction industry. Aluminum in recent years has gained huge acceptance in the construction industry, mostly due to its strength and lightweight. It is also used for the manufacture of the best windows doors UAE.

Aluminum Composite Panels, also known as ACPs, are two-tiered constructions that combine numerous layers to create multilayer sheets, industrial structural panels, or cored laminates. Metals, ceramics, fiber, glass, wood, and other composite materials are used to construct the ACP.Glassium Industries is among the top manufacturers and ACP cladding suppliers in UAE; they also manufacture and supply UPVC windows Dubai.

Today, ACP Cladding is one of the most in-demand building materials in the construction industry. Aluminum composite panels are now used in every state-of-the-art facility, including offices, institutions, clinics, and hotels. These are far superior to the traditional paints used on the outsides of buildings and towers.

In today’s buildings, aluminum composite panels, or ACPs, as a cladding material has become a need. ACP cladding Dubai provides a more modern and secure construction. As a result, it is now widely utilized for building and facade elevation. It has proven popular among architects since it has a low cost, excellent aesthetics, and a long list of benefits.

 Easy to Use

ACP’s flexibility and lightweight make it easy to bend, fold or turn it in any direction quickly without any possibility of cracks or additional structural pressure. It helps while working on various interior or exterior cladding and façade elevations. ACP cladding, which is used extensively in modern architecture, provides utter flatness and smoothness, resulting in more linear surfaces with a polished appearance.

 Aesthetic Purpose

Because ACP cladding materials come in a variety of aesthetic finishes, you can experiment with different colors, color tones, textures, and patterns. The design can be customized with solid colors, glossy or matte finishes, wood, stone, and abstract patterns—the range of options allows you to make your ideal project a reality.

Building Safety

The most important reason to use ACP cladding is that it protects against fires. The mineral core in between two ACP Sheets provides the fire retardant feature. It not only prevents the fire from spreading, but it also prevents toxic smoke and burning droplets from spreading during such disasters.


Aluminum Composite Panel is among the most affordable and cost-effective materials on the market. They are easily accessible and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for business establishments. ACP sheets, according to experts, provide high-quality thermal comfort while reducing energy usage and, as a result, your electricity expenses. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, reducing waste.

 Protection against Elements

PVDF, or Polyvinylidene fluoride resin, is applied to the surface of aluminum composite panels to provide gloss and UV resistance. In addition, these panels operate best in inclement weather. Instead of welcoming bacteria and organisms, these sheets decrease the risk of cross-contamination. It is simple to clear dirt and debris because of its smooth and shining surface. Your ACP cladding may be brought back to life with a little water, light soap, and a soft cloth. Glassium Industries manufactures and supplies ACP, uPVC windows doors UAE, uPVC windows UAE, and other similar materials and products for the construction industry and enjoys an excellent reputation across UAE.


Because ACP cladding is reusable, it improves sustainability. Scrape out the mineral core and metal sheets to make something new out of the same.

Last but not least, regardless of how simple the application procedure appears, appropriate installation is essential. In the event of severe rain, storms, or hurricanes, a poor installation could result in water leakage inside the building. When using ACP cladding in a construction project, always seek professional assistance. Viva presents you with extremely fashionable NFPA 285 certified B1 fire retardant ACPs to meet whatever modern building needs you may have after 18 beautiful years of experience.