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The Top Attorney Web Design Trend of 2021


An attorney’s website needs to reflect the authority and expertise of the attorney while properly representing professionalism and brand.


Incorporating modern design elements in your attorney web design can help you showcase your professionalism and expertise. A web design that is clean and user-friendly will always create an excellent first impression with visitors and engage their attention.


Let’s have a look at this year’s attorney web design trends that can help you make an excellent first impression.




User experience is one of the most important factors that should be kept in mind while creating a website design. Using interactive elements like cinemagraphs helps evoke emotion, credibility, and appreciation.


Cinemagraph is the latest design trend that uses high-quality images that blend video and photography with subtle motion on a fluid, unbroken loop. Cinemagraphs add a stunning, modern element to a website design. 


Cinemagraphs capture user’s attention and caters to them with a more immersive experience that keeps them engaged and interested in your website. It motivates the visitor of your website to learn more about you, your practice, and how you can help them in their legal matters.



Using videos to gain the attention of the visitors is not new. It is essential to include videos in your web design. Video improves user experience and makes it easier to connect with your potential clients.


Another advantage of adding videos to your website is videos help your website rank higher on search engines—popular search engines like Google and Bing show video content directly in search results.


Adding video to your website and legal marketing strategy improves your website’s visibility in the search results.


Keeping it Minimal and Simple


Minimalist web design is clean, crisp and does not rely on bold colors, fancy graphics, and excess text to draw the visitor. A clear and straightforward look conveys a forceful impact on the visitor of your website.


While minimalism keeps the website’s look regular, it is becoming more of an attorney web design trend.


The ultimate goal of your website is to connect with your potential clients and showcase your expertise. Having a simple website keeps it crisp and clear, provides all the necessary information, and can help you convert visitors into clients.


Lawyer SEO Company


More than 71% of people search for a legal service provider before hiring an attorney to represent them in their legal matters (as per Google). Your potential clients are using search engines like Google and Binge to find the services you provide. 


When potential clients search for keywords like “lawyer near me” or “personal injury lawyer,” it is critical that your legal website shows up in the search results of the search engine for all relevant keywords to your practice. 


Most of the websites rank ahead of you because they are aggressively using marketing strategies like SEO. If you want to get more clients, you must have a solid plan to drive new business via search engines.


Advantages of Working with a Lawyer SEO Company

It is well known that SEO is a highly viable source of new traffic and customers to any website. Lawyer SEO companies work day in and day out with independent attorneys and law firms to ensure that their client’s website ranks higher on the search engines and shows up in related searches.


They use their experience and skills to develop a data-driven approach that brings in more visitors and engages them on your website.


They determine the geographic region you ideally wish to rank in, audit your existing website, and guide you with the required things to get the desired results.


The algorithm of popular search engines to rank higher on the search engine is not public. It all depends on the guesswork. With years of experience working on SEO, the SEO companies get good at guesswork and thus ensures that your legal web design brings in more clients, thus increasing business. Click here to know more.


To Conclude –


Website is the best digital asset for any business. Make sure you get the best out of your digital help by creating the best attorney web design possible.



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