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The Top Podcast Influencer Programs You Need To Know

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Are you a daily podcast listener? This is one of the popular entertainment and advertising formats today. Of course, podcasts are informative, to indulge audiences with a short marketing message or audios with interviews, influencing stories, and more.

Here below, we will be talking about some of the top podcasts related to influencer marketing. These obviously can be the Best Influencer Programs in podcast forms. So, without wasting time on the introductory concept, let’s point to the top podcast influencer programs.

The Popular Podcast Influencer Programs: 

  1. Masters of Scale: 

If you want to grow your business for multi-million dollar success, you must listen to the Master of Scale podcast. This idea is of Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, was themed on business and finance episodes. Popular personalities, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Reed Hastings, John Elkan, and more people, were featured in this podcast. With the number of episodes 56, Masters of Scale was organized with five seasons on 3rd May 2017.

  1. Social Pros Podcast:

This is one of the Best Influencer Programs worldwide. Marketing guru Jay Baer hosted it. It gives a real insight into business and secrets on social media programs by famous brands like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN, and more.

  1. The Good Life With Stevie & Sazan: 

This was a heart-warming interview podcast with the power to educate and inspire people worldwide. It was an open-talk session with encouraging the audience on personal lives. The real-life stories will make you laugh, cry, and be motivated to have a good life with great positivity.

  1. Marketing Geeks:

Andros Sturgeon and Justin Womack hosted a marketing Geek podcast. It was based on online marketing, influencer marketing, copywriting, blogging, and other tech-related niches. Many Best Influencer Agencies were also initiated into this podcast to help the audience to learn new marketing tricks and tactics.

  1. Marketing Secrets:

This is one of the highest-rated business podcasts known across the world, hosted by Russell Brunson-a one million entrepreneurs. Marketing Secrets podcast was themed on business marketing strategies, business tactics, successful marketing plans, new online marketing strategies, ideas, and more. 

  1. The Marketing Buzzword Podcast:

Simplest was the concept of this Marketing Buzzword Podcast. It was powerfully projected in January 2018, hosted by Ben M Roberts to help people with common marketing buzzwords and strategies to grow brands and businesses. A series of podcasts, books, videos, etc., were created to influence the audience to learn new things on marketing ways today and concept on business growth.

Other Best Influencer Programs As Podcasts: 

  • Entrepreneurs GSD
  • The Influencer Podcast.
  • The Marketing Companion.
  • Armchair Expert.
  • Social Media Marketing With Michael Stelzner.
  • Girlboss Radio.
  • Online Marketing Made Easy.
  • Influencer Radio.
  • The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast.
  • Marketing Over Coffee.
  • The Sheroic Podcast.
  • The Neal Schaffer Podcast.
  • The Gray Vaynerchuk Audio Experience.

Final Verdict:

Taking podcasts to brand your business via audio media format is a great way to reach people easily. A topic-relevance message in the podcast to advertise business services or brand products is now more audience engagement.

Many Best Influencer Agencies are now rolling to influence people through different social media channels with videos, podcasts, picture-caption, infographics, etc. Best Influencer Programs in the podcast format are increasing each day as it a right and simple way to engage and communicate with the audience.