The Ultimate Guide to create Educational App Development

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Create A Mobile App For Your School? The 21st century is all about mobile apps, technologies, new trends, & digitization that will make a dynamic change in … Read More

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Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Create A Mobile App For Your School?

The 21st century is all about mobile apps, technologies, new trends, & digitization that will make a dynamic change in the education area. The extensive access to the internet has started a new era of digitization in every field. The popular mobile apps dominate over the boring education system. To bring modern as well as a powerful source of learning we need to combine technology and education. Thus, integrate education mobile apps in your education procedure and grasp theory according to student convenience.

How an Educational Mobile App can change our Education System?

Education is the foundation of any society and to become a great human being we need to educate our children accurately. Our current education system is 100 years old so we not only liable enough to do changes in our education system but also we are update our furniture, wardrobe, lifestyle and mobile phones 

However, there are various educational mobile apps available in the marketplace but choosing the correct one can change their mind-set at the process of learning. The important reason to create an educational app is to make things easier to understand and make learning fun to the core. 

How to create a mobile app for your school

We give you a simple structure that would allow you to design an educational app of high quality; of course, you’ll require extra help from a mobile app Development Company.

Let’s follow the step to build an educational app:

  • Educational app concepts

It all starts with a unique idea which is definitely half the success. So don’t waste the time and energy, try to think up something special and innovative.

  • Market research

Check the uniqueness of your idea. Don’t be disheartened if it’s not exclusive, such a result is almost unpredictable! Competition shows the relevance of your future mobile service.

To avoid the possibility of getting misplaced among competitors, find the best approach to stand out among them. Think about what you can offer to get the user’s attention?

  • Testing educational app ideas

Examine your idea among representatives of your target audience such as students, kids, parents, or teachers. Ask if they are fascinated by your service. And if so, how do they see it, how should it look? Use their tips when creating a mobile app for your school.

  • Hiring educational app developers

This is an important phase which should include the following steps:

  • Prototyping 
  • UI/UX design
  • Development of a mobile app
  • Testing
  • Release support

Features included in education app

  • News

The News feature in your educational app allows your students to be updated with the latest events in the world.

  • Video

Adding Video is an extremely effective approach to teaching education. You can add video lectures and engage your app student to learn better.

  • Blog

The blog feature lets you add your blog into the mobile app so that your users can read all your posts without having to leave the app.

  • In-App Purchase

Your app users can easily buy courses, enroll in the courses, or get the syllabus resources you have designed for them.

  • Contact

With your Contact details presented appropriately in your app, you can help the student to get in touch with you whenever they require.

  • Push Notifications

Send out push notifications to the students for new events, tests, courses that they have registered in, and more with a single tap!

  • App Analytics

No matter how good your app is, there is always a possibility for upgrading. Using app analytics, you can zero in on areas that need enhancement and those that are doing well.

Tips to monetize an educational application:

  • Subscription:

The most common way of monetizing an e-learning app is a periodic subscription. Otherwise, add various user plans such as free, paid, VIP pro to access particular features.

  • Advertising:

You must remember the ads will fit the age of the student, because it could be unsuitable for children.

  • Freemium:

Freemium is a pricing plan that helps you to increase your profit. Provide a free of charge for your main services, however, money is charged for extra features that extend the functionality of the free version of the app. 

  • Paid download:

Charge once for installing the mobile app. The paid model is only possible if you’re targeting a huge market.

Advantages of Designing Educational mobile apps

There are numerous advantages of educational mobile apps for students as well as the school management. Education apps improve the teaching system, it will make it stress-free for students to learn new things and remember them for a long time. Create a mobile app for your school is easier to understand and use as compared to books and lectures that students attend the school.

1.Interactive Learning

In the old day’s library was the only choice for students to read books. Now e-books and education mobile apps become the primary choice of learning as it lets them learn a thing in their relief zone. Thousands of educational apps are accessible in the App Store and Play Store for all types and these apps guarantee interactive learning of students by converting the boring lessons with the help of videos and animation.

2.Round the Clock Availabilit

Unlike schools, education mobile apps are accessible 24*7, therefore, it’s not a time-limit for learning. There are millions of students who falter to ask their queries in the classroom, app permit students to solve their doubts whenever they are required and can reverse the lesson for better understanding.

3.Online Study Material

Now there is no requirement to buy books and study resources, as you can find all the syllabus books online. Online classes and e-books made students’ life more simple and hassle-free. With the development of technology, students can see a variety of books with a simple click.

4.Track the Progress

Educational mobile apps allow the teacher and parent to track the progress of the student, which is one of the most vital things that everybody searches for. Now it is easy to track overall or single subject progress and progress accordingly. Educational apps are also helpful for parents as it enables them to track their kids’ study growth flow and guide them respectively.


With the growth of new technologies, the Education industry also raises its services. This up progression costs them initially but profits high shortly and it also saves a lot of advertising and future up development cost. That is the reason, most schools, universities, and academes have built their individual education apps.

If you are planning to develop an education mobile app and not sure where to start, then contact us. We – Bytes Technolabs Provides FREE TALK to your concepts and glitches. We develop next-generation mobile apps and appealingly market them.

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