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The Ultimate Guide To McLaren Falls


The Bay of Plenty boasts some of NewZealand’s finestsun, sand,and sea.Tauranga isnestledon the covetedcoastline.It is here that you willdiscoverthe Mauao volcanoandMount Maunganui beach.Affectionately termed”the Mount” by locals the beach is a paradise for sea lovers. Itoffers watersports for the adventurous and free-spirited, as well as festivals for the adventurousanddelicious food forfoodies.

These are thebestthings you can dowhile inTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui sits across Tauranga Harbour from Tauranga and is an extinct volcano.Mauao in Maorimeans”caughtbydawn”.Therefore, it’sappropriate to take in allithas toprovide during the daytime.It’spossible towalk on severaltracks and take approximatelyan hour toclimbthrough thepohutukawa forests.The climbto the summitis not easy, butyoucan enjoy 360-degreeviews of Tauranga’s towncenterandBay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach (New Zealand’s mostfamousbeach) and Pilot Bay (New Zealand’s best-known beach)are located on the mountain’s crest and offerbreathtakingpanoramic views from all angles.Beginyour dayoff with a serenesunrise, somake sure to packyour breakfast in apicnic.

Adventure Water Parks:BeSplendid

{}McLaren Fallsadrenaline-fueled thrills tickleyourfancy thenlook no further thanTauranga’sveryownWaimarino Adventure Park.You can find a varietyofactivitiesalongthe Wairoa Riverjust a 10-minutedriveawayfrom thecity’scenter.There’s something foreveryone, including rock climbing wallsas well as a slip‘n’slide.The Tarzan swing andwatertrampoline areexcellentalternatives for those who aremore adventurous.Waimarino offerseveningglowwormkayakexcursionsatLake McLaren for those whoare lookingtounwind and relax while enjoyinga quiet water activity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summermustinclude ahiketoawaterfall.StartbyvisitingMcLaren Falls Park.It isan easy 20 minutes hikethatwill takeguests through caves with glowworms as well as native forestsandmany othernaturalwonders.You can alsowalk aroundthe reserve’s 190-hectaresof land onseveral tracks.Next stop is theKaiate Falls. They areapproximately 30 minutes awayfrom Tauranga.Continue onthe foresttrackuntil youreachthesummitof the falls.Followthepath down alongthe cascadesuntil you reachtheswimming hole.Enjoy an afternoon swiminthis idylliclake.

Sail A Catamaranto this uninhibited island

Whakatanecantake youalongthe coast,andyou canbegin your unforgettabledayaboardthecatamaran.Take offtowardMoutohora Island to explore the wildlifesanctuaryoff ofthe Bay of Plenty.If you’refortunate there, you might spotrare native wildlife likeTuatara and Kakariki penguins.Tosee moreof theincrediblemarine lifethat inhabitsthe island, youcango snorkeling.Relaxon the island’s privatehot-water beachor relaxingon thesideboard of the boat.

The Dream Summer Festival

Are you  trulyaKiwiif you haven’tspentatthe very leastone summerinBay Dreams?They know how toput on a greatshow. CardiB was the headliner attheBay Dreams January 2019gig, performedBodak Yellow hits and wowa packedaudience.Peking Duk was among theperformersat the NewYear’s Festival2021.Bay Dreams will make Tauranga yourideal summer getawayIf you’relooking for a hot summerstyle, an amazingline-up andglitter,jeansand camping.

These Stores Sell Local Products

Shopping in Tauranga  isabout findinghidden treasuresatindependent stores.If youlove Kiwi-made productsand havean eye for design it is a good idea tovisitpaperplane, where thereis awide selectionoflifestyle and fashion items.Our Place hostsvariousseasonal pop-ups throughoutthelocal area, rangingfromfashion to artand jewelry.Our Place’s centre is madeout ofshipping containers. Itsgoalis tooffer low costretail spacefor local artistsand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you lookingto indulge insomeluxury?You canindulge inthe luxury ofa bohemian picnicwith views of the ocean andMauao mountain.Bay Picnicsofferseverything youneedto enjoy a memorableevening,from teepees tolargefluffy pillows.Also, there arefestoon lights and throws.They also offerfoodfrom them, includingplatterswithlocal,organic and freshingredients.Even ifyou’replanning to celebrate a significantevent(read the dream of yourengagement) You can alsoadd flowers and other decorationstoyourpicnic.

Get Amongthe Markets

Taurangahas something unique to offerwhen it comes tomarkets on weekends.You cango tothe Little Big Markets every Saturday toviewa variety of talented artisansanddeliciousfood.You’ll findeverythingfrom French crepes to rainbow shaved iceandlocally crafted goodies.Foodiesshouldn’tskipthe Dinner on the Domain. Thisweekly eventfeatures the bestfood trucksaroundthe city.We’re talking bubble waffles.We’resalivating over the deliciousfood optionsat Hello Rosie, a connoisseurof veganjunk food.If youprefer fresh fruits go tothefarmers’ markets on Saturdaystofindamazing seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Moturiki Island – Walk

You read it right.You canwalktothe island.Thesmall350-metre-longislandsits adjacent toMount Maunganui beach and is connectedby a walkwaybridge.When you step onto the island,you’ll find a blowhole thatreleases waterathigh tide.Follow the walking trackupwards and you’ll be greetedwithsweepingpanoramasof the oceanas well asMauao and thecitycoastline.

UnwindinSalt Water Hot Pools

Ifunwinding and relaxationareyour top priorities, a visitMount Hot Poolswill be a greatchoice.These pools are knownfor theirtherapeuticproperties and willmake you feel rejuvenated.You canarrangean exclusivemassageas well as a pool to addanextralevelofluxurious.

Visitthis Quaint Historic Village

Take a stepback in timeas youstroll the cobbled streets throughThe Historic Village.There areplenty ofhidden nooks, cozy cafes,and quirkycraftsmento keep youentertainedallday.Art loverswillfindmany options to pickfrom such asImprint Gallery and Turner Gallery.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Let’sface it everyone lovesdeliciousfood.We’re lucky thatTaurangaserves up some succulentdrinks and bitesthat willhave your droolingall day long.

Ground Zero Coffeeshouldalways beat the top ofthelistof coffeeenthusiasts.They’re the Bay OfPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingup trustyflat whites, as well asIcedcoffee.Ifyou prefersomething sweet,thengo toYo and Co.Yo and Co isa dessert bar that specializesincrepes, waffles and other savoury treats.

Nourishedeatery is amust-visitforthose who are health-conscious andare a bit of a sweet-tooth.This plant-based cafeis a great place to eatlocal, freshproduce.They areproud to be100%vegan andoffergluten-free and milk-free options.BreakfastmightincludetheWellness Bowl that is filled withherby hashbrows and smokytomatoes, tufu, quinoa,as well ascoconut yogurt.Speciality sweet treats such asNutella, custardanddouble chocolate browniescan be purchasedfromThe Nourishing Bakker.