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The Uses of Metal Injection Mold


There are well-known products everywhere, used by humans in every area of life. Plastic is one of the most approved materials to create high-quality products. Alongside, metallic products are also available for daily purposes. Metal is like a fellow of plastic. Because it can mass-produce high-quality metal parts with good complexity and repeatability. The injection molding method works great with metal as well.

Metal injection molding has various capabilities but does not have excellent recognition like plastic injection molding. There are millions of products seen in the market, home, and office. Each of the products prepares with different materials. Some products produce from metal.

What is metal? How metal can be part of daily life? Metal is a malleable (moldable), shiny, hard and useful material obtained from nature. It’s a chemical element and can be mold by one hand press.

What is Metal Injection Mold and its Uses?

Metal Injection Mold: is the initial step of using the mold to give shape to metal parts. It’s the process of using fine powder to create hard, complex parts. There are different metal alloy types, including steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, copper, and other combinations used to make injection mold. The products come to their final configuration from the moldable metals, followed by injection molding equipment and mold.

Metal injection molding (MIM) is an integration of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding. MIM produces high-volume complex parts in a short time using MIM technology. This method is the most usable method in the defence industry, and other like automotive, medical devices, consumer cogs, and electronics. It’s not suitable for every industry.

MIM is a metalworking process that involves the mixture of fine powder metals with a plastic binder to create a feedstock. Then, feedstock injects into the mold to solidify and get its shape using the plastic injection molding method. This process allows producing large-volume, complex parts from a single mold.

Mold Maker makes the mold using a specific design for injection molding to create a variety of products. There are different kinds of metal that can use in the injection mold process. Metal such as metal alloy, steel, carbon, stainless steel, titanium is systematic materials used to create a mold according to the requirements of the product. The metal used in the mold generates smaller to large parts which are not even made of plastic. These strong parts use to apply in the machines or produce sturdy products.

Metal is an ideal material to choose in the mold making process if it’s a need for mass-production of strong products made of metal. The demand for the metal is increasing day by day as the demand for strong products grows.

Uses of Metal Mold in Injection Molding:

There are four stages metal mold pass through to mass-produce large volume of sturdy products.

1) COMPOUNDING: Fine metal powder blended with a thermoplastic binder to form feedstock. A feedstock is ready-made granules containing powder and binder.

2) MOLDING: Feedstock is the input injected into the mold for molding the parts to form a net shape.

3) DE-BINDING: It removes the binder from the molded part. The Parts bring out in brown colour.

4) SINTERING: In the sintering process, the part heats at a specific temperature to remove the remaining binder. At high temperatures, parts come to the final identical shape.

Every sturdy product or parts produce from a metal mold using injection molding method includes computer hardware, power tools, sanitary, medical equipment and devices, aerospace, locks, mobile phone, automotive, and electronic connectors.