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The Why, What and How of a Dental Handpiece


One profession which makes massive use of various types of medical equipment is dentistry. Dental services are also relatively expensive due to the use of such equipment. However, it is important to receive supplies on a regular basis, which is why every medical centre or dentist has to hunt for a reliable supplier. With several developments in the online world, ecommerce has become a highly viable source of items, with even dental supplies being provided through this channel.

Choose a Well Known Supplier

A dentist new to the ecommerce field may come across several suppliers. Important equipment such as a dental handpiece online must only be collected for a reputed name in the market. All products need to meet health standards, and no dentist can waste too much time in worrying whether the products are genuine or not. Also, as a result of the ongoing pandemic, all dental suppliers will need to be more cautious than ever before, ensuring that infections are kept as far away as possible.

Personal Protective Equipment Has Become Very Important

Dentists always come close to patient mouths due to the nature of their jobs. As a result, they have high chances of being infected by viruses. Although they were always known to wear surgical masks over the years, they may have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from time to time. Dental clinics were closed for quite some time, but now equipment is in demand again as these are slowly opening up. Due to the pandemic, several infection, environmental, administrative, and facility controls are now included in dentistry. Therefore, it is natural that the dental supplier has to play a critical role to assist dentists.


The only advantage of COVID-19 is that people have become more aware about protecting themselves against infection than ever before.

Uses of a Dental Handpiece

As the name suggests, this mechanical instrument is held in the hand. It is used to carry out a number of dental procedures, some of which are as follows:

  • Polishing Dental Fillings
  • Removing Decay
  • Altering Prostheses
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Arrival of the Air-Driven Handpiece

The handpiece is often regarded as the most fundamental device in dentistry. It is able to greatly improve the efficiency of each routine task. The device has been adequately redesigned to become the highly accurate tool that it is today. The air-driven handpiece has been revolutionary in the way it allows dentists to prepare teeth for restoration materials. Belt-driven handpieces have made way for this to be created 60 years ago.

Over time, electric motor handpieces have also become available. Instead of the air-driven turbines that generate rotation, these use electric motors to drive their heads.

Maintenance of the Dental Handpiece

Considering that it is a very important dental instrument, it must receive due maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures that it is able to provide optimal performance each time. A maintenance checklist for the handpiece will include the following steps:

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations for sterilization and pressure should be followed
  • Dentists need to read manufacturer’s user manuals carefully
  • The one who repairs these handpieces must use genuine parts from the manufacturer
  • Dentists should not try to cool these devices too fast (use of water) or else they may fail. Additional handpieces are always best- one already in use, one being sterilized, and one ready to be used.
  • Handpieces must be cleaned thoroughly before they are autoclaved
  • The inside of the handpiece head must be cleaned by removing the turbine
  • Do the dentists know when it is time to replace the turbine?
  • The turbine chuck needs to be cleaned periodically
  • If manufacturers recommend certain tools for immediate use, they must be kept handy
  • Dentists should check if the manufacturer provides specialised maintenance support

Dentists and Social Media

The dentists, or the persons who use the handpieces, are just as important to the dental process as are the machines. In the year 2021, social media needs to be incorporated and more dentists need to be on platforms such as Instagram. This is because millenials have increasingly become the major decision makers of their households, taking over from boomers. Young patients invariably get more influenced by images and videos than by text.

It is important to include social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram into marketing strategies of medical centres, or even for independent dentists. Various things that should be posted include:

  • Team Pictures
  • Pictures of Volunteer Efforts
  • Practice Pictures
  • Community Involvements
  • Polls
  • Linked Live Videos

Every professional needs help from his or her own professional groups. Though many of these are available on WhatsApp these days, there are also groups such as Fishbowl which provide anonymous support. It gives the opportunity for users to interact with CEO’s within the same industry.