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The World of Indian Classical Music – Saamaveda Music Academy

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is a precious treasure that is being passed on for ages. Classical music gives a vibrant and relaxed state of mind for the listeners and practitioners. The music originated from Sapta Swaras and spread into many of the forms that are typical to learn. Classical Music is familiar to Sangeetham in India. Also, it is known as Carnatic music and Hindusthani music in southern and northern regions in India. Music has a great power to heal the dangerous diseases which are uncontrollable with the medication. Our ancient music gurus have given powerful and soulful music in the form of Indian Classical Music. Many of the studies have proven that classical music can help get rid of depression, anxiety, and many severe health issues. And also music can help improving concentration power and willpower, as per the studies.

Why Choose Saamaveda Music Academy?

Samaveda Music Academy is one of the most familiar organizations in India that is dedicated to giving the best training in classical music. Expert trainers will handle the classes in online/offline procedures. Music trainers will focus on each and every music aspirant during the training period. Special attention will be paid to the students who are unable to learn the music. The academy has now brought Online Music Classes for learners who cannot attend classes in the classroom. Learners will have the choice of selecting their convenient timings despite their busy schedules. Music practitioners from other countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and other regions can learn Online Sangeetham at Saamaveda Music Academy in their preferable timings. 24X7 batches will be maintained in shifts at the academy. If you are searching for Best Online Classical Music, you are in the right place.

Samaveda Music Academy | Carnatic Music Classes Online

Learning Indian Classical Music /Carnatic Music is a big dream for many people. From the age of early 6 years to elders anyone can make their come true by joining the academy. Students who are going to schools, colleges, and elders who are doing any job, house makers, or anyone who wishes to learn Classical Music can start their journey of music. Special classes/ group classes will be offered for the learners as per their choice. Samaveda Music Academy is the best place for Online Carnatic Music. Music teachers will train all the students equally with special attention. Students will be guided to practice the music with perfect Sruthi, Raaga, and Taala. The Online class backup will be provided after each class. Complete theoretical notes will be given to the students. Each and every topic will be covered with profound knowledge.

Special Music Courses at Saamaveda – Veena, Violin, Mridangam, Keyboard

Along with Carnatic Vocal Music Classes, Saamaveda Music Academy is privileged to offer the training in Instrument Music. At our academy Veena, Violin, Tabla, Mridangam, Flute, and Keyboard Training is available. For all the instrument learners, complete knowledge of classical music will be given as it is the base to learn any instrument. Coming to the Vocal Music Classes, students can opt for Carnatic Music, Annamacharya Keerthanalu, or Tygaraja Kritis as per their interests. Music learners can enhance their knowledge in any of their interested domains.

Fee Structure

Students will be charged a reasonable fee for both vocal and instrument music classes. The fees will be charged term-wise. Special classes and group classes will have different fee structures. The academy won’t pressure the students to pay the fee at a time and let them pay in installments.

Demo Class Information

Before joining the institute, students will be given a chance to attend the free demo class. As a complementary, permission will be given to attend two demo classes. Aspirants who are satisfied with the class can join the academy for training.

Contact Info

Free Demo Class:  register on WhatsApp at +91 9866513521 for a free demo class.

Website: Visit @ saamavedamusicacademy.in