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These 6 precious tips will make your gable boxes more unique

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Gable boxes are among those packaging types that businesses prefer to make a distinctive brand identity in the market. They are famous because of their carrying ease because of a pair of handles. It is why they are widely used as takeaway packaging and to package bakery items. All the sustainable materials like cardboard, bux board, and Kraft stock are used to manufacture them to avoid contamination with the food items. However, several industries also use them as their packaging solution. Brands can get them in any color and size according to their theme and needs. The wide surface across all sides provides a marketing opportunity to the brands. They can display engaging graphics images of their products while availing of the advanced CMYK color schemes. A final touch of the gloss or matte coating can compel the buyers to engage with the consequences.

The gable boxes are the foremost priority of the bakery, restaurant, and gift industry because of their engaging design. Still, there is the possibility of design resemblance with other brands because of their so much popularity. Therefore, customization is essential to make them even more distinctive. Here are 6 valuable tips to make this packaging solution even more unique.

Embellish with finishing options

Packaging firms offer various finishing options that brands can use in their packaging to make it engaging. Different types of coatings and laminations can make the gable box packaging unique and distinctive from others. For example, soft-touch lamination is a perfect option that adds a velvety feel to the packaging surface. Buyers love having such a soft feel while checking the details of products. Similarly, the gloss, matte, spot UV, and matte UV coatings add shine to the surface.

Include some transparency 

Making the products visible for the audience in retail stores is a creative approach. It not only makes the gable boxes wholesale look unique but also creates attraction for the customers. A die-cut window is installed in any wall panel in this regard. Customers especially prefer seeing the bakery and gift items before purchasing. So, exposing them in such a way will also become a source for increases in the overall sale volumes.

Focus on inside presentation

The overall presentation has much importance, but the inside production is more vital. The way a product is placed inside the gable boxes UK differentiates between the same products from different brands. The use of luxurious inserts can come handily in this regard. The foam cushioning is specifically quite effective for gift items. Similarly, the use of cardboard inserts aids in keeping the food items in their fixed position. It will also make the unboxing special.

Use of hot foil stamping

The gable box packaging is highly customizable because of the flexibility of cardboard used for its production. Use of modern customization techniques like hot foil stamping and embossing are majorly used to display the brand details prominently. Display of logo using the hot foil stamping will add uniqueness to the packaging. The gold foiling will add more value to such customization. Such stamping techniques also make sure that no other brand creates a replica of your packaging and product.

Use engaging add-ons

How simple gable boxes wholesale can look unique and attention-grabbing? Only a finely designed box will add that required value to the expensive gift items. The use of decorative elements is a fantastic option in this regard. There are several different add-ons available for this purpose, but the traditional ribbons and bows are more valuable. These bows, ribbons, and other crafted objects will raise the elegance of products and add value to them.

Get finicky in color selection.

Colors are always a factor that distinguishes even the same objects. Getting finicky in the selection of colors for gable boxes UK will raise their charm. Moreover, you can represent the theme of your brand by using colors artistically. Avoid using dull colors as they will make the products less noticeable. A blend of some bright colors will stimulate the eyes of customers and will catch their attention. It will increase the number of customers engaging with the products.

All these mentioned tactics are proven and practically used by the famous brands for the unique gable boxes they are using. Such a packaging solution will help customers locate all of your products placed in the different corners of the retail stores. More traffic engaging to the products through packaging means more chances of increased sales.