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Things to Consider Before Investing in Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Pakistan

Believe us when we say that the majority of the people undermine the importance of Travel Insurance Pakistan plan. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this.

You might have usually heard people state that travel insurance is for people who worry a lot and cannot travel without anxiety. It usually gets the minimum of the attention but in reality, it deserves a lot of it. And just like that, it gets sidelined, and is not considered.

Sadly, bad times do not knock on the door before stepping into your life. Accidents, medical emergencies and theft can happen at any time. And if you research a bit, you will study that tourism spots have a huge risk of theft.

Traveling is usually done on a budget and any type of emergency can make things worse. It leaves your personal finances in a wreck. And given the situation of the world right now (being stuck in a pandemic), the uncertainty of a medical emergency is always looking around the corner. Thus, it really does make sense to consider getting a good travel insurance plan, especially if you are someone who travels a lot or at least once a year.

Factors to Consider before buying Travel Insurance

If you are planning to get travel insurance, you need to consider some basic factors to make sure that you are making the right pick. There are different types of coverage plans in this insurance. You can visit Cometinsure to compare insurance plans from all the highly reputed insurers, in one place as it will make the process easier for you.

Travel Insurance Pakistan

1. Do you travel frequently?

The first thing that helps you determine the travel insurance coverage scale for yourself is whether you travel a lot or not. There are different options and thus, you need to choose accordingly. If you are going on a small trip, then there is a single plan for you. However, if you travel frequently due to work or maybe because it is your hobby; you might consider the multi-annual plan. The multi annual plan is also helpful for elders or even youngsters who might not travel frequently but are going abroad for a long time. Thus, your traveling habits will determine a lot for you.

2. Duration of the Trip

For how long do you plan to stay? Longer stays require a higher premium. Each policy has a sparer premium, depending on the days one has to stay in another country. The premium is decided on the basis of your trip duration. Let’s say, a single plan travel insurance is costing you Rs.2000 for 10 days. But you plan to extend it for another 10 days. Then the same plan will cost you 4000 PKR.

3. Medical history

This is a huge factor to consider before you pack. You pick simply any insurance plan for yourself. Your health conditions play a huge role in choosing the right insurance plan for yourself. And your age is a factor too. If you have pre-existing illnesses like heart disease, then you might have to consider getting your drugs covered in it too.

4. Destination of Travel

So where are you heading off to? You definitely need to consider your travel destination before you choose a travel insurance policy for yourself. Why? This is because every country has a different medical cost system. For example, European countries have a significantly more expensive medical system than South Asian countries. This is a very important factor that helps you calculate the accurate premium that you might need during travel. Thus, choose wisely. And it is best to look into the costs of the place you are traveling to, before choosing the plan.


With these 4 factors, one can easily invest in the right Personal Insurance plan for themselves. Traveling needs to be fun. But a bad stomach or a fever can run down on your plans. Travel insurance isn’t for the anxious and worried warts. It is for people who believe in making wise decisions. If you are planning to get travel insurance; it is time to consider all the above aspects and then make an investment.