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Things to Consider before Law firm web hosting & PPC for Lawyers


In the day and time when everything gets accessible online, one cannot sideline the importance of websites for any business.

To get the ball rolling and exhibit your online presence, you as a law firm will have to look for web hosting services. Law firm web hosting is an essential component of online success.

How can you get success and make a profitable online presence, if you have a website that:

  • loads slowly
  • Less secure
  • No backups, if anything goes wrong

How attractive your law firm’s website may look, or how well the programming gets organized, the website should have good hosting. A fast, reliable, and accessible server is essential for the performance of the website. 

A good law firm web hosting platform helps you efficiently showcase your online presence and build credibility.

Before choosing a web hosting platform for your law firm, you need to consider several factors. 

Tips for choosing a law firm web Hosting Provider

  • Page Loading Speed

If your page takes time to load, you will undoubtedly lose a handful of clients. The loading speed of your law firm website critically affects visitor’s experience. The faster the loading speed, the happier your visitors.

So, your website host must have adequate specialization for optimizing your website. In addition, the host should efficiently make your firm’s website load faster and make it more scalable. 

  • Server Uptime

Server time constitutes the time during which your server remains up and running. Therefore, uptime is critically essential for websites. On a down website, your clients would not find the information on the website.

The host or server must have reliability from 99.5% to 99.9%. You should not consider the uptime rating below 99%. Through various tools, you can check the reliability rate of the hosting provider.

  • Support

Go for a hosting server that has readily available and efficient customer support. It will help you assist when anything goes wrong. 

So, before choosing a web hosting provider, try to call them and ask for basic information. It will help you understand their services. Phone, e-mail, and live chat should include the formats to contact the hosting provider.

  • Regular back-up Support

In the event when the website fails to work, there should be a backup. The backup ensures the safety of the latest additions and revisions to the website. So, the hosting provider can perform daily secure database backups. 

Enquire the hosting company you have interest in, whether it offers regular backups or not.

  • Security through SSL certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate ensures the security of your website. However, the websites with no HTTP encryption are supposed to be Not secure, as it alerts the visitors to added security risks. 

So, for law firm web hosting, ensure that the hosting company offers SSL certificates, firewalls, or any other security measures. These also protect your website from malware, hacking attempts, and computer viruses.

So, looking at the above points, it’s clear that you cannot choose any random hosting provider for your law firm’s web hosting. In addition, a hosting provider’s services can impact your law firm’s reputation. So, you need to be very cautious while selecting a hosting provider.

Things to consider For PPC for Layers:

PPC (Pay per click) is an advertising method through which law firms can reach potential customers easily. PPC enables the lawyers’ website to appear in the search engine’s first place. 

But for successful advertising on search engines, you need to consider few things, like:

  • Keyword Selection

To get the best out of the PPC, lawyers need to include hyper-targeted keywords related to your practice on the website. Highlight your keywords and your uniqueness on the website. 

Ensure to enable ad extensions. The ad extension includes reviews, links to specific pages, contact details, and snippets.

  • Geography and Intent

Set up your location for targeting visitors in Google Ads. It helps reach the area where the people you are targeting.

Focus on searchers’ intent. Ensure that the keywords, ads, and landing pages meet the searcher’s intent.

  • Calls

The lawyers need to make calls a priority.  A call-only campaign, replacing the headline direction to a landing page with a contact number. Ensure that your website has a 24/7 answering service.

  • Build a memorable brand

For a successful PPC for lawyers, you need to track and optimize your website and look for the best strategy. Try new strategies to grab the attention of the target audience.

Focus on remarketing to show ads to the audience who visited your website.


Making a stand in online marketing is getting tougher. So, the law firm website needs to function properly round the clock, with no downtime and lack of control. Choosing a good law firm web hosting platform can help you overcome any of the issues when the website gets hosted.

In such a cut-throat competition, it’s an art to design and maintain a great PPC for lawyers. The lawyer website should meet all the criteria needed for a successful PPC campaign.


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