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Five Fantastic Things to do in Santa Monica

things to do in Santa Monica
things to do in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beautiful beachfront city in Los Angeles, United States, bordered on five sides by different neighboring cities. There are mountains, beaches, rugged national parks, art centers, amusement parks, incredible museums, and alluring sites all around the city. Tourists can plan a great weekend trip to Santa Monica and enjoy being a part of a lot of fun and entertainment activities. For instance, go on a bike ride along the Marvin Braude Beach Trail or arrange a picnic with your family or friends in an open space and stroll around the most recognizable attractions across the city. 

Best Things to do in Santa Monica

Here, you will find multiple epic things to do in Santa Monica, from exploring family-friendly sites to participating in outdoor sports. 

Stroll to the Palisades Park to Relax

It would not be wrong to quote Palisades park to be declared one of the best things about Santa Monica, which covers the beautiful sight of the ocean and the mountains altogether, attracting a dense amount of tourist crowd. The park is one of the classics of L.A, lies between the beach and Ocean Avenue. While you are here, you can stroll along the palm and eucalyptus-lined paths or enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and everything that seeks your attention. The entry fee to the park is free of cost.

Explore the Santa Monica’s Farmer Market 

California’s agricultural land is productive, and how can you not get into the famous market with its specialty of fresh vegetables. It is a local market widely renowned for producing colorful fruits and vegetables and finding almost everything you are looking for, and it opens only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For the first 90 minutes, the parking is free of cost, and if you stay for more than the grace period, you will have to pay the charges.

Go to the State Beach for unlimited Adventure

If you happen to visit Santa Monica in the summers, you better enjoy your summer holiday well in the State Beach, which is usually filled with people, the locals, and tourists. It is one of the most famous tourist spots. You can get there with all your beach essentials and relax like there is no tomorrow leaving behind all your stress and enjoy the beach vibe there. Be a part of a fun and adventurous trip by making southwest airlines reservations.

Take a tour of the Third Street Promenade

While you are in Santa Monica, search for the perfect photo-friendly background for your beautiful smiles, and the Third Promenade is the one-stop destination for those. The beautiful spot with no ordinary structure, the vintage street style, and the fountain could be any more beautiful combination?

The site stretches from Broadway to Wilshire Boulevard, a famous shopping destination, offering a vibrant atmosphere and good vibes. There are major shopping stores, including H&M, Outfitters, and unique boutiques like Kenneth Karmiole, And Bookseller Inc. 

Head to the American Cinematheque at the Aero Theatre

Just in case you want to enjoy the most classic things in Santa Monica, This place is a must-visit with history whose legacy is still followed. This theatre has been there since 1940, and still, whenever somebody comes to Santa Monica, it totally feels incomplete to go back without being in this theatre. It is very famous for its historic classic films along with the blend of contemporary cinema. Tourists can enjoy the screenings of a few classic ancient and contemporary theatrical performances, series, programs, and lectures. You can be a part of everything that you have wished to do in Santa Monica by making British Airways reservations.

Find the best guitar in McCabe’s

Everybody has an artist within himself, and hence visiting McCabe’s can be an excellent decision if in Santa Monica. It is a beautiful Guitar shop that opens in the daytime with the lovely ambience of aesthetic guitars on the ceilings, which are not ordinary. Not only guitars are there but for various other musical instruments. 

It is a very relaxing place for people who have an enthusiasm for good music. It’s a fantastic place to vibe with some cozy music, especially on weekends starting from Friday. Therefore, it’s worth visiting the site and buying the best guitar from dozens of options. While you are here, you can take guitar lessons from aspiring musicians and learn how to play, and they will teach you the best way. 

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