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Things To Know About Different Types Of Area Rugs


Are you looking to buy wonderful rugs to decorate the floor of your house? Then you must know that there are multiple types of rugs available in the market. Each rug has its perks, and therefore, it marks sense to know about each of them. For example, if you want to buy cotton area rugs, you’d like to know that it’s a pretty decent rug to use on the floor. There are other types of rugs available as well in the market.

So, if you want to know more about the area rugs types, you are at the right place. Since it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types of rugs available in the market, it’s better to have a clear idea about them. Generally, we pick a rug based on its style, budget, and of course, placement. However, there are other factors too that we don’t perhaps consider much.

A Few Types Of Rugs To Buy

So, as we said earlier, there are other considerations to make while buying an area rug. But, again, it’s about the style, budget, placement, and other factors like longevity, ways to clean them, etc. Therefore, before getting a rug from places like Angelajey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different rug materials. So, without further ado, let’s explore them a bit.

Wool Rugs

If you are planning to buy wool rugs, you’d like to know that they’re made of pure natural fiber. These rugs are generally handwoven, hand-knotted, or even hand-loomed. Wool rugs are comparatively expensive because there is a lot of work involved in those rugs. However, it’s also true that the quality is excellent. In fact, we find the woolen rugs to be passed down from generation to generation, which speaks a lot about the longevity of the rugs.

Cotton Rugs

If you are looking to buy cotton area rugs, you will find that these rugs are inexpensive, budget-friendly, and look really good. However, it’s also true that these rugs tend to fade away quickly, and as it’s the case with cotton material, these rugs don’t repel stains well. So, in other words, there’s a longevity issue with this type of rug. However, cotton rugs are best used in casual spaces, and you can also use them if you are prone to change rugs often.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are a luxurious brand of rugs, and therefore it’s expensive. Moreover, these rugs are extremely delicate, so you may have a bit of trouble maintaining them. For example, silk rugs are difficult to clean properly, so it’s best if you could put them in a low-traffic area.

Polyester Rugs

Polyester rugs are made from either a hundred percent polyester or a blend of polyester and other fibers of synthetic type. You will find a plush feel to these rugs. In fact, these rugs are inexpensive, so they will be good on your budget.

Final Thoughts:

So, these were a few types of area rugs that are worth knowing. If you are planning to get a rug, it’s better to know the material used on them because you may decide which one to buy based on that.