Things you need to know about SEO writing

With the advancement of technology, nowadays, marketing becomes easy, and one can operate it with a few clicks. Moreover, the more world is approaching digitalisation. The popularity of digital marketing is gaining good attention. Talking … Read More

With the advancement of technology, nowadays, marketing becomes easy, and one can operate it with a few clicks. Moreover, the more world is approaching digitalisation. The popularity of digital marketing is gaining good attention. Talking about attention, everyone must be heard about the term SEO. So, let us know what it is actually.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. It is a popular way to seek maximum attention from readers for a website. It helps to meet the target number in terms of enhancing traffic. Generally SEO based content always increases the possibility of getting a good rank among other competitive websites.

It is a group of lucid keywords and key phrases that a reader usually writes during the search of anything via an online website. The more SEO friendly content will be the chances of reaching the target audience become higher for that particular website. In this way, with the increment of the rank of a specific website, it enjoys the benefit of charge free trafficking month after month.

By putting together good content and the most relatable keywords, a website can become completely SEO friendly.

Important factors about SEO:

  • The usage of lengthy keywords –

Keyword is basically a cue of 3-6 related and relevant words that denote the content’s subject. Lengthy, lucid keywords are searched over and again instead of stiff unknown ones. For example, if an unemployed person needs a loan, he will search in a lucid language like ‘loans for unemployed’ instead of ‘ways of borrowing money being unemployed’.

  • Get high rank in SERP –

After a reader writes inside the box of the search engine, he clicks the search button. Then a page opens where one can find lots of suggestions according to his search. The top 10 will be those websites that present 100% SEO-friendly content and only because their SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking is high.

  • Words that becomes anchorage to others –

To make content more SEO friendly, a group of words and phrases are linked with each other. So that when readers click on that particular word, it will redirect the reader to another website’s web page. This is a technique of increasing viewers of the different web page of a single website.

  • Usage of sub description –

Sub description, which consists of 155 characters, also make the content more search engine friendly. The standard quantity of description is limited to 160 characters because, generally, search engines allow a small description under the title. That is why above 160 characters remaining description becomes invisible.

For example, if the UK reader wants to know about getting loans, then after searching ‘loans for unemployed’, he will find out different websites. Now, under each of them, he will be able to find a small description visible and depends upon which he will be able to decide which one to read.

  • An attractive title –

To increase viewers, an easy and understanding title is required. People find the attraction to those titles that are constructed with small words and written in simple language.

For example, ‘tips for renovating a home’ is more approaching than ‘some lucrative home renovation suggestion’. Undoubtedly, a simple title will attract viewers because the sense of solution is inherent.

  • Terms that appeared in the search box again and again –

When someone visits any search engine and starts typing related words about the thing he wants to know, it will automatically display in the dropdown most searched keywords. Only those words will show inside the dropdown, which has been in the search list sometime previously.

  • The highest number of click –

The rank of SERP is also depended upon the number of clicks that a particular website earned within a specific time. Here, again the magic of simple title and easy keywords will come forward. A simple title and easy keyword always attract the attention of common people.

  • Transformation rate –

The number of people who visited a website increases the traffic rate. Similarly, people who are, apart from visiting webpage, also performing some action may be instructed by the web-communicator, which is another essential factor of a website.

After opening a website, when a person clicks on content or going for a membership, it is counted in transformation rate.

  • Natural trafficking –

Natural trafficking is a thing that determines the actual popularity of one website. Generally, people used to be forced or get interested in different search websites after seeing an advertisement. This is called forced marketing.

On the other, when a person out of his own interest searches a particular website that denotes natural trafficking. This type of trafficking increases with the improvement of contents and also with healthy marketing strategies.

  • A well-composed representation of data –

Content is full of data. Only pouring information is not enough to increase the traffic. To get a target number of traffic, one needs to compose the website with proper SEO based content which will be structured with valuable keywords.

Remember, a search engine will entertain only those free from difficulties and composed in a beautiful format.

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