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Things You Would Need In Your Perfect Kitchen

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A well-equipped kitchen is your best friend to prepare tasty food. It is an essential part of your home. When the kitchen is well equipped, your creative processes flourish. The kitchenware includes bakeware, cookware, kitchen utensils, and dinnerware that help cook and serve delicious food. No kitchen is complete without these utensils, tools, and appliances that are essential for food preparation. The most critical things that every kitchen would need are knives, cutting boards, bowls, measuring spoons, blenders and storage containers. Dinnerware complements the appearance of food and enhances the ambience of your dining room. The colour, shape, and pattern of the tableware express your personality and complement the decor in your dining room.

Kitchen essentials

Knife: The kitchen knife is your best friend, and it is crucial to select the one you can handle comfortably. It should not be heavy or flimsy, and it should be easy to hold and control.

Spatula: A sturdy spatula is needed for tossing, flipping, and scraping out the sides of bowls and food processors. It is required to saute food or swirl the frosting on cakes.

Cast-iron skillet: Using a cast-iron skillet, you can cook food at very high temperatures. The skillet retains the heat for a longer time and gives a beautiful sear to food like steak.

Saucepan: A large saucepan is essential to simmer soups and broths. Smaller saucepans are used for things like boiling eggs or cooking oatmeal.

Colander: Colander is used to drain the liquid from pasta, veggies, canned beans, and boiled food.

Measuring cups and spoons: Measuring cups are used to measure dry and wet ingredients conveniently. Measuring spoons are used to precisely measure small quantities.

Tongs: Tongs are used to flip big pieces of food on the pan. You can use them to move hot ingredients without burning your fingers.

Cutting board: A sturdy, stable surface is needed to chop vegetables, fruits, and meat. A cutting board made of wood is easy to clean and protects your knife from dulling quickly.


The presentation of food is crucial. The plates and bowls used for serving and eating should complement the food on the table. There are several types of dinnerware, and the commonly used ones are as follows.


Fine China or porcelain is admired for its exquisite beauty and delicateness. It has beautiful designs, and the price depends on the work done on it. Bone china is thinner than porcelain, but it is sturdier, lightweight, less brittle, and chip resistant. They have a milky white hue, and they are more translucent than porcelain.


Stoneware is more opaque compared to porcelain. It has a unique rustic appearance, doesn’t look delicate, and is a minor subject to scratching. The pieces are opaque as they are made from fine-grained plastic clay. As they are malleable, artisans shape them into large pieces.


Earthenware is traditionally glazed as it is more porous and coarser. The two types of earthenware are creamware and tin enamelled earthenware. The creamware has a transparent lead glaze that allows the natural colour to come through without getting tainted. Tin-glazed earthenware has an opaque white tin glaze. Some pieces are coloured, and the colours don’t run when they are fired.


Melamine sets are durable, hard to break, and shatterproof. They are resistant to scratch marks but cannot be used in the microwave or oven. Melamine is a perfect choice for outdoor parties as they are resistant to breakage and chipping. High-grade Melamine has a glossy finish and looks like porcelain. It comes in a range of stylish colours and unique patterns.

Both kitchenware and dinnerware play a considerable role in making every meal special. However well maintained your home is, it will be incomplete without the essential things in the kitchen.