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Three Most Common Types of Locks

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A proper strategy for securing your home or office can be a good thing at this point in time. If you have lost keys to your locks, only professional rekey lock services in Jacksonville FL is the option you can have now for unlocking the locks. It is a regular that tightly scheduled people lose keys. If you are one of those who frequently face this problem, you can contact an expert locksmith.

Professional Rekey Locks Services in Jacksonville, FL

Naturally, mechanical items become down-at-heel, but the repairs can return the original security strength to locks. For your dilapidated locks, you can easily find professional lock repair services in Jacksonville FL, without any hassle. You have to choose the best locksmith who can render you a quality installation that needs no repairs for at least a year or two for your residential and commercial needs. On the other hand, you should be vigilant enough to measure risk and manage security concerns accordingly.

What is a Commercial Grade Lock?

The door locks have a grading system based on the level of strength, security, and reliability. For commercial needs, significant grade locks are necessary. For residential needs, perhaps ordinary locks will work with utmost efficiency. On level one grade, a lock has the capacity of 1 million, which means it can open or close one million times. The second-grade locks can go beyond 800 000 times. Further, the third grade withstands up to ten hits to the knobs.

Three Popular Types of Locks

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are in use at commercial places most often where there is much foot traffic. These locks are in two categories: the cylinder with a key and the body with a locking mechanism. When you have a cylinder mortise lock and the key gets lost, you can hire professional rekey locks services in Jacksonville FL. The mortise locks are prevalent in the business industry because they are durable and reliable. 

Keypad Door Locks

This type of lock is often found at places where a company needs to give access to many people who can access the place. But, there is no need to give everyone keys, but modern options help generate a code, and everyone uses that code to acquire access. On the other hand, after some unsuccessful attempts, the lock never opens until it is reset. This lock is available for installation on both modern and typical type doors.

Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks give an improved security system, as it remains in conjunction with another lock, keypad or panic bar. In this locking system, the door remains closed, but only authorized people can open it by hitting a buzzer. It also has two types; a fail-secure lock and a fail-safe lock. The first one opens even without a power outage, and the other opens with the power outage.

Final Words

In conclusion, professional lock repair services in Jacksonville FL, by Jaybe Lock and Key, ensures your building has full-proof security with the minor possibility of a mishap. As you are a business owner or home in charge, knowing about these three lock hues must be added to your information.