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Three things you must know about effective swimming pool maintenance


You must know three things about good swimming pool maintenance as a swimming pool owner if you want your pool to shine like a diamond under the desert sun. In the following paragraphs, I’ll break down each of these key features and explain why they’re so crucial.

 Tip # 1: Circulation is the key to successful pool maintenance.

Image a large bucket of water as your pool. Stagnant water makes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and other micro-organisms; if the water is not circulated and moved.The swimming pool will not be safe for use, and you will need to hire the best swimming pool companies in Dubai to make pool water safe and healthy.

A lack of proper circulation renders chemical additives to the water pointless because they have no effect. As a result, free chlorine levels are quickly depleted, and your pH and Total Alkalinity are raised. When these three items are out of balance, a spiral response occurs, which is never pleasant. That’s why swimming pool construction companies in Dubai install suitable pumps in the swimming pool for the water circulation.

Instead of winterizing your pool, run the equipment for six hours during the off-season (when it’s too cold to swim) and eight to ten hours in the summer. As a general rule of thumb, the water in your pool should be cycled at least once during the swimming season. A circulation rate of less than that can lead to chemical problems and poor water quality.

Tip # 2: Maintenance Success Tip for Swimming Pools: Filtration

Swimming pool water filtration is crucial for fighting viruses, removing foreign particles, and keeping your pool sparkling. Several swimming pool suppliers in Dubai offer advanced filteration products and amazing accessories to keep your swimming pool clean of debris.

Filtration systems can be divided into three categories. There are sand filters, DE filters, and cartridge filters to choose from. Although each has its unique set of maintenance requirements, the process is very straightforward and straightforward. Simple backwashing of sand filters will do the trick. Allow 90 seconds or until the water coming out of the backwash is clean and clear before adjusting your backwash valve to the backwashing position or adjusting your multi-port valve.Filters need to be backwashed whenever the operating pressure increases 5 PSI over usual. Weekly backwashing is also possible independent of the filter pressure. You can’t wash your filter too much.A bit more time is required for DE filters. There are filters grids inside the filter dome. High-pressure water would be more suitable to clean them. Cleaning agents can be added to the water in a pressure washer, such as degreasing chemicals. It’s best to mix four parts of water into 1 part cleanser for an ultra-gentle cleaning solution.Since most DE filter cleaners sold by huge pool supply stores are so expensive, you’re more than likely already using something that will work just fine in your kitchen sink as an alternative mild muriatic acid solution can be used (3 parts water to 1 part muriatic acid). Cartridge filters are the last option. It’s the same method as cleaning a DE filter for optimal swimming pool upkeep.

Using a hose, remove the cartridges from the canister. Like mild muriatic acid mix or normal dishwashing detergent, other options can be used with high-pressure water hoses.To reassemble the filter unit, spray the cartridge with a strong stream of water until it appears to be clean. If you’re using a DE filter or cartridge, ensure the o-ring doesn’t leak when you turn it on. The equipment should always be run for 3-5 minutes after reassembling it to ensure there are no leaks – pay particular attention to o-ring leaks in the middle of the filter dome.

Tip #3:Water Chemistry For Successful Swimming Pool Maintenance

Your swimming pool’s chemical balance is an important factor to consider to properly maintain it. Whenever your water chemistry is awry, it might start a chain reaction that will worsen the situation. If you don’t have basic understaning of water chemistry it is much better option to request swimming pool water delivery Dubai.

Free chlorine levels, total alkalinity, and pH are the three most important aspects of water chemistry. You should have a free chlorine level of 1-3ppm in the summer and a lower level in the winter. Alkalinity should vary between 110 to 130 ppm.

In essence, your pool water’s TA is a buffer for the pH, preventing excessive changes in the amount or intensity of hydrogen. 7.4 to 7.8 is a good pH range for you. Higher or lower than that can result in water that irritates your skin, calcium buildup in your pipes as well as along the waterline, and early corrosion of your swimming pool equipment. O-rings can be damaged, and a heater can be harmed internally.