Time Management Skills & Why it is Important

Project Creep, to-do-list and missing deadlines – all seem to become longer each day which are common experiences that we faced in everyday life and work as well. With New Year and new resolution, people … Read More

Time Management Skills & Why it is Important

Project Creep, to-do-list and missing deadlines – all seem to become longer each day which are common experiences that we faced in everyday life and work as well. With New Year and new resolution, people are trying to fulfil their goals along with better time management, more productivity and focusing on what matters the most.  Developing the goals in your career is the most important part to become successful. All the big and small work fields always desire the time management skills among their employees as the topmost priorities but it is also true that at the same time it is also becoming rarest as well. 

So, if you are thinking about how we can make better time management, then we must say that there is certainly no shortage of advice as you can get lots of blogs, books, apps, tips and other hacks which will let you boost your time management with a bevvy of ready-to-apply tools.

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Still, it is the most frustrating reality for all individuals to improve their time management however it does not matter how effectively designed these tools are working on. Mainly when there is a deadline for any development or cloud computing project, time management with your team is very much essential because it may take much more time than normal while planning for a development project to be executed with the entire team.

It is always a good idea to take a skilled and certified person who is knowledgeable and did react js certification in a professional way so that everything can be executed successfully within the time limit. 

Time Management means the decision-making process in which plans, structures, protects and adjusts a person’s time to change the environmental conditions. The three skills which can separate time management success from failure are:

Arrangement: Plan, design and arranging your goals, projects, schedules and work activities to efficiently use the time. 

Awareness: Thinking practically and realistically about your time by understanding the work pressure and thinking of it as a limited resource.

Adaptation: Monitoring your usage of time while performing activities, including changing priorities or adjusting to interruptions. 

With the above three skills, managing time and arranging the work accordingly is the most familiar mainly considering that the majority of apps and hacks deal with planning as well as proper scheduling. However, the skill for Awareness and Adaptation is not evenly widespread among the people. So, how experienced and other skills can play well from a development perspective or are they equally important? How people will manage to create the team and how to allocate the work?

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Measuring the Time Management Skill:

In response to the above questions, I work on more than 1200 people and took the exam. They have participated in a 30-minute micro recreation design with React development project to objectively charge time management skills. Participants were given the role of a freelance React developer who will manage the tasks as well as the relationship between the clients and the colleagues within a communication platform along with the entire tasks of emails, cloud drive files, instant messages and so on. There I found some interesting point while examining all of them.

The experienced people are more time manageable rather than the newcomers. As well as those who are skilled and knowledgeable in React learning path are more capable to manage the time and project as well. However, most of them who got confused had faced problems in dealing with scheduling conflicts, meeting and giving priorities to clients demands, scheduling conflicts and time waste on how to use or not to use the exact time and in which part of the work. 

What revealed with the above experiment is that everything matters equally to overall time management performance. So, only improving arrangement skills means scheduling and planning and ignoring other skills along with experience holders may affect time management. Most people struggled with adaptation and awareness skills whereas measurement scores were on average 24 per cent lower than any arrangement skills.

So, from this what we can understand is that awareness and adaptation are rare skills that are more difficult to develop normally without any direct interference. In another way, awareness skills were the primary driver of how good people can avoid postponing or delaying something and adaptation skills were the primary driver of how good they can prioritize the work activities. So, the results can counter popular cautions of either the qualities or the damaging of multi-tasking. How good or bad people are managing their time is not related to how they are multitasking. 

So, to improve your time management skills:

  • You should build accurate self-awareness of your time management skills
  • Recognize the preferences matter, but not how you are thinking
  • Identify and Prioritize the Skill that you have to Improve
  • Development of Awareness Skill
  • Treat your time like it’s your money
  • Find out your Peak performance Time along with Skills
  • Developing arrangement Skills
  • Developing adaptation skills
  • Seek to reduce time waters
  • Experiment with Check-list apps or time tracker
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