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Tinder Gold for Android Free Download: how it works


Tinder is one of the most popular and used dating apps in the world. An app that, over the years, has also “paved the way” for numerous competitors, even giving visibility to their dating apps (obviously indirectly). Tinder in particular, however, is a cross between a dating app, a social hub, and a social network. This service is something different, which allows users to scroll through a random list of people, who correspond to certain personal parameters and are located within a certain number of kilometers.

And I like it after I like it, Tinder Gold Apk is likely to come up. This is where your knowledge stops. Although you know how to upload photos, personal information, and even how to share posts from Instagram or Spotify, you don’t understand how Tinder likes work to unlock affinity between users. But don’t worry, because you got lucky this time. In fact, if you have a few minutes to dedicate to me, I’ll take care of filling your IT gaps. Do you agree? Yup? So come on, let’s get started.

Tinder Gold: how it works

Tinder compatibility

To avoid spam and harassing users, Tinder has adopted a connection system between users called compatibility. This is a similar mechanic to Facebook’s friendship, but more anonymous, so to speak.


In this way, only if there is a real interest between two people, they will be able to get in touch with each other. But let’s not go further, let’s take it easy to understand how similarities work on Tinder, how to unblock them, and how to best use them to find the right people.

What it means to have compatibility on Tinder

As I told you, Tinder compatibility is similar to Facebook friendship. It is a manifestation of mutual interest between two users, which can be expressed with an exchange of likes.


On Tinder, there is no option to search for users directly. People are shown randomly based on their GPS position. And one after the other, you can initially interact with them by performing only three actions (all indirect, however):

  • Like it
  • I don’t like it
  • Leave a super like

If you decide to like that person, the user will be notified by Tinder that someone has expressed interest in him. However, the social network will not tell him who he is, at least not in the free version of the application.

And if this user, scrolling through the profiles, will leave a like on your profile in turn, Tinder will make the compatibility known to both, thus allowing you to view each other’s profile, and vice versa. You can also start chatting on Tinder.

In short, when there is compatibility on Tinder, it means that the two users have shown mutual interest. For more information, read the guide on how Tinder works.