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Tips and Tricks on How to Create Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion Videos

If you are someone who enjoys making movies or just enjoys watching them, then you have probably come across the technique of the word “Stop Motion”. Do not worry it is as simple to shoot as it is pronounced. A stop motion is a filmmaking technique that is shot with a camera that is regularly stopped and started the frame by frame to give the objects or humans an impression of the movement. Animated films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and many others have used stop-motion techniques.

Apart from films, the stop-motion video is also used for marketing purposes to promote a particular brand. It seems to be an effective and creative way to reach the target audience. This technique can be fit to convey a hand-made or organic style that is fit by a brand. A combination of creativity and technicality creates a stop-motion videoHere is an ultimate guide on creating stop motion videos or animation:-

Information About How to Create Stop Motion Animation or Videos

1. Create or Vision Your Storyboard 

It is a better idea to shoot with a plan, as it would be quite easier to shoot the video more efficiently. To execute the plan it is good to sketch it first as a storyboard can help to visualize the breakdown for the stop-motion videos through frames. Your storyboard can go up to dozens or hundreds of frames (depending upon the project). It might sound a bit tiring, but it will help make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Some prefer to write points instead of sketching, well, in the end, it is your decision.

2. Set up your Camera 

In stop motion, the camera position needs to be still but the object needs to be moving. To keep the camera from moving it is better to use a tripod, a mount, gimbal, selfie stick and more. Always define the camera in the frame settings because you do not want the video to seem incompatible. For camera settings, keep your ISO according to the lighting set up, the F stop should be above 5 and keep the shutter speed slower as this can help reduce flicker in the video.

3. Lighting is Everything 

Artificial lighting or LED lighting setup is more convenient than natural light as it might end up creating shadows in the videos. It is advisable to take advantage of the shutdown of the windows or all the intense light sources to maintain coherence. With natural light, there might be a change of light from frame to frame. If any humane figure is shooting for stop-motion then it is suggested to wear a grey colour when you animate as any other colour may create shadows or flicker in the video.

4. Clicking Pictures for Stop-Motion 

Now you have the prop, scenario and the camera, so it is time to do a photoshoot. Ten frames are snapped in one second to make the video look decent. It is recommended to take several images in one second to make the stop motion smoother. The steps to shoot a stop motion video:-

  • First, set a scene
  • Click a picture
  • Make a little change
  • Click a picture
  • Make a little change
  • Click a picture
  • Repeat the same process, until you are done shooting

There are different types of stop-motion such as cutouts, clay & puppets, object-motion, silhouette animation and live-action. Here is an explanation about the kinds of stop-motion as follows:-

  • Object motion: Moving the objects as per the frame, you can create different objects that are present in front of you.
  • Cutouts: Cutouts of paper and giving it 2D shape you can add colour or detail them of your own choice.
  • Clay & Puppets: The use of puppets in stop-motion can create amazing effects. In clay animation, it involves the altering of the clay objects in every frame.
  • Silhouette animation: Using thin and blank sheets and to place the objects or actors behind the sheets and illuminate the shadows on the street.
  • Live-action: Instead of animating the figures, real-life people are involved in creating the live-action.

5. Last Step- Editing 

The last step is post-production. First, import the photos into a photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Snapseed. From the new batch of editing photos, you can export the ones which look amazing into video editing software and create a stop motion animation or video. You can even add your sound effects or music to the stop motion animation or video.

Parting Thoughts 

Nowadays stop-motion technique trend remains on top, there are many creative ideas to include while creating a stop-motion. Such as using a template, keeping the product in motion, creating a scene, using paper, keeping it trendy and many more. Making a stop-motion is a tiresome task, with the CGI you can create a stop-motion lookalike. For stop-motion animation, it takes an estimated 12 frames per second for the video depending upon the type of stop motion animation you choose. With the help of the above points, you create your stop-motion video.