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Tips for Single Mothers Traveling for Work


Travelling for work is becoming more commonplace as employers are becoming more global. Business travelling is positive, but it is not easy to maintain the work/life balance when you are a single parent.  Therefore, if you often must travel for work, you must find out how you can give your efficient performance on the trip without worrying about your kids.40 amazing family travel blogs to follow in 2020 · The Global Wizards - Family  Travel Blog

Mentally Preparing Your Kids About Your Business Travel

It would help if you prepared your family before leaving for your business trip so that everyone knows what is going on and why you are going away.

Informing Your Children: The first thing you should do is educate your kids about your travel. They should know why, when, and where you are travelling. You can create a calendar and review it with your family.

Checklist for Packing: If you plan to take your kids with you, you must be adequately prepared. You can make a list of all the necessary things that you will need while travelling. Some essential items can be diaper bags, school backpacks, and many other things.

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids Before Traveling: You should spend some quality time with your children, like going for a walk, Storytime, trip to the library. It is better to give your child undivided attention and make memories before travelling working mom blog.

Discuss Your Trip: Every parent should avoid sneaking out of the house to avoid all the tears. It would help if you discussed your travel with your children and never avoid this topic. It allows your children to share their feelings, and you know how they feel about your going away for a while.

You can validate their feelings by telling them that you know they are sad about your trip as this communication will comfort them that you will come back soon.

Stay Connected with Your Children While Traveling

There are a few fun ways to stay connected with your children and maintain a work/life balance.

Schedule a Story Time: You can schedule Storytime with your kids while you are away by calling them every night over the phone or video chat. It will help you stay connected with your children. You can read them stories online or buy two copies of the same book to read the same chapters.

Send Traveling Pictures: Another Fun Activity you can do is sending them pictures of yourself and nature throughout the day. Moreover, you can take any of their favourite toys and take photos around the travel destination.

Write Them Notes: You can leave special notes in their books and pictures under their pillow, which they can read at times. Moreover, you can leave messages in their lunchboxes so that they can feel your support even if you are away.

Ask them Questions: video call your children and ask them about their day. You can ask them what kind of challenges they face during the day and how they feel about it. Moreover, you can ask them what they want to talk about to share what is in their mind with you.

By making the right strategies and properly communicating with your kids, you can easily arrange a tour without any worries.