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Tips on Buying Polo T-Shirts


One of the most dominating trends in the men’s fashion industry is Polo T-Shirts. It has become one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing for men’s wardrobe. It can be worn for any party, tennis game, golf game, business casual, day-to-day activities, etc. Even polo full sleeve t-shirts are also trending these days a lot. It’s hard to find a man who doesn’t own at least two three polo T-shirts. Here you can find some points to keep in mind while buying polo t-shirts.

  • Material

Polo t-shirts come in all shapes and sizes. Even though, the most important aspect to cover is to know what material you like. Here are few common materials used for polo t-shirts. Blended Fabrics, Polyesters, Silk, Linen, Cotton, Poly-Cotton. Polyesters polo t-shirts can be rigid, that is, they are long-lasting. Cotton t-shirts are perfect for the summer season or a sunny day. But poly-cotton would have to be the best one for most men out there. It’s the best of both worlds. It gives the durability of fiber and polyesters maintain their color and shape, while cotton gives us the natural soft sensation to our skin underneath. 

  • Fit

Here are few tips to find the perfect fit for your size. Take a flat measuring tape and start with one armpit and go around the widest part of your chest. That will be your chest size. If you are planning to buy polo t-shirts online, look for this size. If on the store you have the option to put and try on your polo t-shirt then make sure to check if there’s enough room to put your finger inside your shirt near your biceps. If it fits perfectly then, that shirt is perfect for you. If there’s too much space then it’s a shaggy one. As per its length, it should be long enough for tucking them in, because polo t-shirts in or out both go well for men. Always wear your polo t-shirts fitted but not tight.

  • Color

All polo t-shirts come in solid colors. Your choice of color reflects your personality. Like blue reflects control, innovation, or artist. Green reflects knowledge, explorer, or freedom. Yellow shows liberation, mastery, or power. Similarly, there are many more. Of course, you are free to choose any color you like. But always choose a solid color. Don’t buy a mix of two-three colors shirts. That doesn’t go well with your attire at all.

  • Collars and pockets

The era of popping your collar up is gone and it’s never coming back. So, you need your polo t-shirt’s collar to lie flat down. If it’s a soft collar then after few days they will curl up. Therefore buy the shirt which has a hard collar or edges of the collars are additionally sewn in. Additionally, don’t buy a polo t-shirt which has a pocket on it. It goes out of shape and makes your look shaggy.

Here’s our guide to buying a polo t-shirt. You should be able to buy a great polo t-shirt for your next event. So, why not get started with your search today?

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