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Tips on Wood Floor Installation


When considering renovation, what comes to mind is the flooring type that underpins other things. There are different flooring choices to pick from; terrazzo, tikes, and even carpet, but the most acknowledged material is the hardwood flooring. There are various classifications of wood floor, as the classification can be based on the installation method, texture, pressure applied during production, surface finish, and then wood type.

Hardwood floors are always very stylish; it is, however, recommended that you make use of a professional hardwood floor installation in MA service for the job, but you may find the following tips for installing wood flooring useful: –

1. Location to install Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring produces a touch of freshness and comfort to any part of your house, from the living room to every other room in the building.

People who are lovers of wood prefer to install hardwoods on their floors. However, refinishing hardwood floors in MA can restore the wood’s original uniqueness for those who already have a hardwood floor.

2. Select your preferred wooden floor

There are various types of hardwood flooring; it is essential to pick the one you prefer and suit your taste. Another thing to consider is whether you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. The solid hardwood flooring is made with 100% natural wood, while the engineered hardwood has a series of combinations. For busy places, you can consider using oak wood due to its durability. Compared to a solid piece of wood with no layer, an engineered wood floor is considered a different type with a combination of hardwood and plywood.

3. Acclimatize your hardwood floor

Immediately you have been able to select your preferred hardwood; it is necessary to allow it to acclimatize well. This is done by allowing the flooring to get used to its new environments. Because hardwood is a natural product and expands and contracts with either an increase or decrease in the surrounding temperature. Therefore, allowing the hardwood flooring to get used to it decreases the chances of any damage that might later occur if a professional hardwood floor installation in MA has been done.

4. Preparing the subfloor

Without properly preparing the subfloor, it can cause damage to flooring. For floors that are already damaged, refinishing hardwood floors in MA can bring out the beauty of the flooring. The subfloor needs to be clean from any adhesive or chemicals that might be on it. However, it is necessary to make the surface dry and flat for reclaimed flooring installation in MA.

5. Select the best installation method

When refinishing hardwood floors in MA, use the most preferred installation method to avoid unnecessary issues that might arise. The installation method should be based on the type of wood you are making use of. The glue-down method can be used for reclaimed flooring installation, while the nail-down method is suitable for professional wood floor installation.

6. Install your hardwood floor

Hardwood comes with different ways of installation; it is essential to consult an expert to determine which is most preferred to work within your house. For refinishing hardwood floors in Massachusetts, you should ensure your installation method is right for your homes for easier refinishing.

7. Leave an Expansion Gap

When installing a hardwood floor, it is important to leave expansion gaps. These gaps should pass across every corner of the room and should not be less than 10mm. This enables the hardwood to expand and contract easily concerning changes in the environment’s temperature.

8. Add finishing touches to the floor

After the reclaimed flooring installation in Massachusetts is completed, there would be a need to add some finishing touches to places like the expansion gap areas.

9. Clean and maintain the floor after installation

Floors that are not properly maintained will at one point begin to have stains and scratches on the surface, and for situations in which the stains have gone deep into the wood, that is when you would need hardwood sand and finish to restore them to their condition.


Following these tips, and your floor would be all nice and beautiful, endeavor to keep them in good condition by regularly sweeping and mopping the floor.