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Tips to Calculate Moving Cost


Whether we like it or not, we all have to move one day. And even if we are moving for a reason or moving because we want it, the relocation process will impact us physically, emotionally, and financially. There is not much to do to resolve the physical and emotional stress but to reduce financial stress, we can do many things. We discuss here a few tips to help you calculate the moving cost before you move. While making the moving budget, ensure it is realistic.  


What is the average cost for moving?

The average cost to move a house locally in the US is $2,300, while for a long-distance move; it can be approximately $4,300. This is calculated based on 7,400 pounds as the average moving weight.


Should you move yourself or hire a professional moving company?

One of the common questions that pop up in mind every time we think about moving is whether to hire a mover or to relocate with the help of friends. It may seem that moving yourself is easier and cheaper but the reality is much different. 


Before you decide to move yourself, consider these questions:

  • Do you have the time to pack all of your belongings? 
  • Do you have the expertise to pack your fragile items? 
  • Do you have an idea about the moving truck size?
  • D you know how many trucks would be required


You should think about moving yourself only when you find answers to these questions. Otherwise, hire a moving company.


What is the volume of your personal belongings?

Calculate the volume of belongings you plan to move to the new home. It is true that your home will have a lot of items that you don’t require at the new home. Give them away to charity or sell them off as the less volume of items you have, the lesser will be the moving cost. Only take those items that you think are important at the new home.


What’s your destination?

The destination for your new home is highly crucial in calculating the moving cost. This is because the cost is calculated based on mileage, fuel cost, and truck rental. While you are hiring a moving company, it must have a license which will also impact the final cost. 


How many special items do you have?

Your home may have many special items that require special handling. The mover you hire needs to be trained to handle special and fragile items and based on the experience and expertise, the moving company quote will also be higher. However, never compromise on the quality of service to cut down the cost as the safety of your items needs to be the priority. 


Some of the special items at home are:

  • Piano/guitar/violin
  • Glassware
  • Aquariums with fish
  • Books
  • Idols and statues


Does moving insurance influence moving cost calculation?

There are multiple options available to protect the personal belongings that moved to the new home. A moving company you hire takes the responsibility for the belongings in case of damage or loss. Under Federal law, interstate movers should offer two different liability options – Full Value Protection and Released Value. Apart from that, you can also obtain separate liability insurance from the third party, which is regulated by state law. If you are opting for insurance, it needs to be considered while calculating the moving cost.


The moving time is crucial

One of the major factors that impact the moving cost is the moving time. While you move from late September to April, the moving company quote will be cheaper as it is the lean period. Also, schedule you to move at a mid-month and mid-week time frame. During the summertime, holidays, and weekends, moving can be a costly affair. 


It’s not that moving is always expensive. When you have control over the multiple factors that impact the moving cost, you will bring it down.  



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