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Tips to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business


Domain name is the name your clients will use to search your company or product on the internet. Hence, you need to take proper care in choosing a domain name that represents your business effectively on the internet space. A slight mistake, when choosing a domain name, can cost your business considerably. Utilize the following tips to choose the right domain name for your business easily.

1. Get a list of keywords:

Take your time to conduct research on a number of keywords that best describe your product or business. You have the option to either do it manually, or use the online keyword search tools available for free on the internet. If you have the right selection of keywords, choosing the most appropriate one should not be difficult. Depending on what your company sells, you may even wish to use the name of your firm or a term that describes the product or services you usually sell.

2. Short is better:

At present, you can register a domain name that is 63 characters long and below. While it is allowed, it is almost unacceptable for a number of reasons. For starters, you should note that people have other things to remember besides your domain name. What is more, perhaps the last thing they want to have trouble remembering is your domain name. In this regard, choosing a short domain name is recommended to ensure that your clients can remember it every time they want to type it on their browsers. It even becomes easy for them to recommend your site and products to their friends, family and other people in their lives. Consider choosing a domain name that has less than ten characters.

3. Avoid hyphenated domain names:

People tend to forget to type hyphens when visiting a site. Hence, it is important to avoid hyphenated domain names by all means. It is extremely risky if you hyphenate a domain name that is already in existence; if a client forgets to type the hyphen, he or she will be directed to a competitor’s website. It could make you losing hundreds of customers every month.

4. Avoid misspelled domain names:

While misspelled domain names may have worked for some companies in the past, it might not work at present. Your client might spell the domain name correctly, and land up on the web space of your competitors. For this reason, go for correctly spelt English names when choosing your domain name for a global website. Additionally, avoid using numbers inside the domain names unless it fits entirely; which is commonly rare. You are safer using correctly spelled non numeric characters in your domain name.

5. Consider the reputation of your domain name:

Considering the reputation a domain name holds or has held in the past is vital when you choose a name. Before registering a domain name, you must check its availability. While at times your chosen domain name may be available, at other times it is not, and you have to buy it from the present owners. Regardless of the cost of your chosen domain name, ensure to check its status by determining how it was used in the past. Some domain names have gathered poor reputation over time that might cost you considerably if you choose to buy them.

6. Domain name extension:

Domain name extension is as important as the domain itself. The most popular choice is using the generic extensions such as .uk, .com and so on. Conduct a good background research to determine the best extension for your business depending on the nature of your activity. It can sometimes become a little tricky to find an available .com domain name. However, it is important to keep looking until you get one that adequately describes your business.

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