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Tips to effectively improve insurance agency SEO


When prospective are in the market for purchasing insurance products, online search is the very first step they usually take to find out the right option. If you rank higher in search results with relevant keywords and phrases, your insurance agency could be exactly what they are looking for. But if you are not visible in the search results, they will turn to one of your competitors. This is the reason you should invest in SEO to stand out from your competitors.

As an insurance agency if you want to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads and increase the visibility of your brand in search results, consider the following tips to improve your insurance agency SEO and boost your bottom line.

Do keyword research

Keyword research is the first and foremost step of a successful SEO strategy. It helps you create a list of relevant keywords or phrases that people mostly search over the web to find required products. It allows you to uncover topics and questions that are most popular among your target audience and how you can cover those keywords to drive more traffic. For instance, as a funeral insurance provider, you should write about topics like ‘How funeral insurance can help you plan funeral financial program ahead of time’ or ‘reasons why one should buy funeral life insurance to financially protect his family’, etc. There are several free tools like ‘Google keyword planner’ that can be used to perform keyword research for your insurance agency SEO strategy.

Develop your on-page SEO

Right after creating a list of relevant and popular keywords, now it is time to determine how you will use them on your insurance agency website. The best on-page SEO techniques are:

  • Adding focus keywords in page titles, title tags, headings & URLs
  • Including focus keywords in website copy and blog posts
  • Using keywords in image optimization (image alt tags, description & captions)
  • Internal page linking on your website

Incorporating all the above-mentioned on-site SEO techniques can amazingly improve your website’s visibility in search engines to drive more search traffic.

Create Quality and Informative Content

Creating high-quality, informative and well-optimized content is one of the most important aspects of insurance agency SEO. Quality content is all about providing your potential customers with appropriate solutions and answers to their problems and questions. Instead of promoting your agency or insurance products, you should educate them on different areas of the insurance buying process. Make the customer journey a lot easier by creating how-to guides, video tutorials, and interest-based suggestions so they can spend money on the right products or plans.

Online Reviews

Along with getting reviews on your other digital properties like social media profiles and local listings, you should also gather more positive reviews on your website. Online reviews build trust and credibility to grab the attention of more customers. They promote your brand image and help customers make informed decisions based on user-generated content. It also helps your customers to endorse your insurance plans and products to more people who are searching for the same products or plans online.

Generate Quality Backlinks

Creating backlinks to your insurance agency website is a must-have to increase the authority of the website and visibility in search engines. You can write informative blog posts or create infographics that can be hosted on relevant websites in your niche. As a result, you will get links back to your website as a trust signal. When search engines find more relevant links pointing to your website, they allow you a prominent position in search results. As a result, you are better able to appear in more search engine result pages with relevant keywords and phrases.

Local Listings

Be quick to claim your local listing in popular local directories if you really want to boost your insurance agency website SEO. You can do this by creating a Google my business profile. There are many other popular business directories like Yelp Clutch and TrustPilot you can create business profiles on to appear in more local searches. After creating profiles, make sure to upload accurate business details and information so more local customers can easily find out and do business with you. As an insurance agency, you should also claim listing on all local business directories and get positive reviews on them.