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Tips To Follow During Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Popcorn ceiling was a raging interior decoration trend that began in the 60s, peaked in the 80sand started going out of trend by the late 90s. They are a great way to hide imperfections and flaws in the ceilings and require almost no maintenance or painting afterwords. The rough texture of popcorn ceilings accumulates a lot of dust and cobwebs. Awareness and recognition of asbestos as a pollutant further added to many people wanting their popcorn ceilings removed, eventually led to their downfall. Popcorn ceilings are very tough to maintain, and the best thing to do with them is to remove them. Removing the popcorn ceiling is a lot of hard work and is a potential risk to many. It would be in your best interest to hire professional popcorn ceiling removal services. However, we thought our list of steps to follow when removing the popcorn ceiling would help you.

  • Do a patch test on your ceiling to first learn how popcorn ceiling removal works. Scrape a small area of the ceiling with it is dry, and work on the same area after wetting it a little. Some popcorn ceilings come off easily without water, but wetting would make the process easier in most cases.
  • Popcorn ceilings installed before the 1980s may contain asbestos, a known lung cancer-causing agent. Before you begin the popcorn ceiling removal process, get in touch with your local health department for a sample test. If your popcorn ceiling sample comes positive, you may want to take additional safety measures. Cover your popcorn ceiling with drywall or planks to remove it without releasing any asbestos into the environment.
  • When you begin a popcorn ceiling removal process in your home, you must be prepared for a big mess. Cover the walls, floors, and every other surface with plastic drop cloths. You must use plastic for protection as canvas drop cloths may get soaked from the water sprayed on the popcorn ceiling. Cleaning is also easier with plastic drop cloths as you can roll them up and dump them. Leave the plastic covers in place for at least a few hours after completing the process to let the dust settle.
  • When removing your popcorn ceiling, you must get all the furniture in your home out. Popcorn ceiling removal is a messy job, and you don’t want any furniture in the way. Certain furniture may also have fabric upholstery that can get ruined during the process. During this time, you may also want to remove any ceiling pictures and fans in your home. Ceiling pictures will be in your way during the removal process and get covered with popcorn that can be hard to remove. Also, popcorn ceiling removal involves spraying water, and you may want to protect your electrical features from moisture.
  • Stuff any can lights or spotlights in your ceiling with newspaper to keep them dry during the entire process. Ensure that the lights’ power supply is turned off at the main circuit panel or fuse box before you being the painted popcorn ceiling removal or acoustic ceiling removal process.