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Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills Better

Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills Better

You have to write on an everyday basis, whether it is a college assignment, blog post, or word document. Your writing represents you personally, educationally, and professionally. Therefore, enhancing your writing skills becomes a requirement.

Here are a few tips that will help make your writing skills better:

Give structure to your writing

You can get away without any structure when writing a daily diary but this is not the case when you are writing serious documents like your university assignment essays or creative content. In these documents you are not conversing with yourself, you are writing it for another person. Therefore, giving it a clear and proper structure is important.

Present Your Concepts Clearly:

The concept you are going to write in your essay needs to be clear. It should be understandable to an extent that even a 12-year-old can comprehend it. If the goal of your writing is to achieve a certain result, then consider yourself asking what is that result you want? Before beginning to write, you must have a purpose to pen down your essay and make sure you stick to that purpose.

Create An Outline For Complex Essays:

If you are writing more complex essays like a case study that has multiple angles, questions, and requirements then it is better to first sort them out before you start writing. For this, you have to brainstorm and make an outline of your essay. You can take some quick notes about the topics you want to cover in form of bullet points to create an outline.

Knowing Your Audience:

One of the tactics to improve your writing skills is to know your audience. You have to be capable of putting yourself in the reader’s shoes – Do they have enough context to comprehend what you have written? If not then consider rewriting your essay.

Do Not Give Unnecessary Details:

You have to be considerate of your reader when you are writing an essay. Make sure you only give enough details to understand what you want to communicate through the essay. Do not overwhelm them with trivial details.

If you find yourself giving more explanations than originally planned for take a pause and look at each piece of information. Then determine if it is important to help your reader understand the message. If not, then eliminate it from the text.

Tighten your Writing

tighten your writing

At times you may write as if you are making a conversation. It is a good thing because it keeps the reader engaged but using a very conversational style of writing reduces the readability of your text. This makes it seem like you lack conviction. Therefore, you need to work on tightening your writing.

Use Prepositions Carefully:

Prepositions are not difficult to understand but prepositional phrases can make your writing unnecessarily lengthy. So keep in mind to use prepositions carefully and try to simplify the phrases wherever possible. This way your writing will get a clarity boost.

Eliminate Filler Words And Phrases:

There are a few words that show up in your writing which do not contribute too much to your essay. These filler words and phrases may add color or even mean to your essay, but more than often they contribute nothing to the entire text, so avoid using them.

Avoid Using Weak Words With Adverbs:

Using adverbs is permissible once in a while but using them every time means you are making poor word choices which will make your essay weak. If you want to strengthen your essay, make reasonable word choices.

  • For example – instead of using “ran fast”, write “sprinted”, switch “very funny” with “hilarious”.

Making your Essay Conversational

Use Simple Words:

When you are writing your essay make sure that you only use words that everybody knows or words everyone should know. Remember, there is a difference between having a rich vocabulary and just using difficult words to show off. Unless you want to get poetic, it is better to use simple and direct language.

Use Contractions:

Using contractions help reduce the stiffness and formality of your writing, considering that you writing a document that requires an informal tone like a blog. Contractions like – “I’m, don’t, they’re” make your document appear more genuine and natural.

Try Transcribing:

You can try to record a conversation with any person with their consent. Transcribe a few minutes of your conversation word-for-word. Then remove any false starts or filler expressions like um, uh, you know, etc. Once you are done with this, you will have a conversational piece of writing.

Do Not Get Bound By Grammatical Rules:

Feel free to start your sentences with conjunctions and unless you are writing a formal text, you can also end your sentences with a preposition. The flow of your words should be natural.

Keep The Sentences Simple:

Professional writers can write complex sentences with an interesting style but since you are not a professional writer, you must use simple sentences. Do feel free to vary between the lengths of your sentence to give it a better flow.

Read It Out Loud:

You should read your essay out loud to yourself, once you are done with writing it. This will help you determine whether the flow of your text is smooth or not. If it sounds choppy and clipped then make the addition of a few sentences to reduce the monotonous flow.

Get Some Help

Some of you may be unable to write a good essay no matter how many tips you are given and that probably means the problem is not with your writing skills but with something else. For example, if you are a student and cannot write your assignment well, it is probably due to a lack of time. In such a case taking help from Assignment writing services is a good choice.
If you are a freelancer who does content writing and also has other matters to attend to then it is better to take help from creative content writing services than to compromise the quality of your content.


These are all the tips you need to improve your writing skills. It will not only help you get a better grade in your essays but also open doors to multiple career opportunities.
These days’ creative content writing services and other jobs requiring writing skills are in high demand. You work on improving your writing skills, you will be able to capitalize on these opportunities.