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Tips to know about the Different Types of Flight!


Here are some types of flights you should know before visit:

Types of flight: direct, connecting and stopover:

When searching for your ticket, pay attention to the details of the journey’s route. In addition to departure and arrival times, the airline presents the duration of the flight and also whether there will be a break, either for a stopover or connection.

Not many people know, but there are three types of flights. And to help you on your first plane trip, we’ll explain how each one works!

Direct flight:

Direct flights do not take any breaks in your travel plan. In other words, you embark in the city of origin and disembark at the destination, without any stop.

It is usually the fastest and most practical way to reach a destination. Therefore, direct flights are usually well attended by those who want to spend as little time as possible in transit.

Flight with connection:

Basically, on a connecting flight, there is a change of aircraft during your trip. The section will be carried out with stops at airports on the way, and they may have a wait of a few hours.

The connecting flight is usually longer, but depending on the time, you can save more and see other places. In case of international travel it is common to find this flight.

Many people get confused in connections, they even miss the sequence flight, and then it gets complicated, after all, their bags have already gone on their journey automatically. So, you need to be informed and pay close attention.

If possible, have a basic airport map handy to help you identify entry and exit gates. It’s also important to be aware of how much time you have to make the journey. In addition, of course, to always monitoring the airport panels, which will indicate your time.

And don’t worry about the bags, as there is no need to pick up your luggage, as you will only pick it up at the end.

Flight with scale:

This type is also quite common. A stopover flight is when the plane lands in one or more cities before reaching its final destination.

The stop is made so that passengers who will remain at the location, disembark, as well as other new passengers boarding to go to the final point of the trip. These breaks can even be used to refuel the aircraft. For Application Click here

Care is needed, as anyone on board (and has not yet arrived at their destination) cannot leave the aircraft. All you have to do is wait for all the procedures to be carried out – which can, in some situations, increase travel time.

#Tip: If you still have questions about the types of flight, especially when it comes to connection and stopover, read our text!

Departure lounge:

The time for your first plane ride is approaching! When you go to the departure lounge, it is very important to have your card and an original document with a photo in your hand. You’ll need to show them at your entrance and when you’re on the plane.

The first step, already inside the departure lounge, is the metal detector. At this point, it is good to leave everything made of metal that you are using inside the bag, to avoid inconveniences. While your carry-on luggage is passing through the X-ray equipment, you will pass through the detector.

Ah! If it beeps, don’t be scared! You may have forgotten to remove any metal objects such as a belt, accessories or cell phone. And, at that moment, the airport employee will help you in the best way possible. For Skill Visa  click here

Once inside, it’s important to check on the boarding pass which gate your flight will depart from. It is also necessary to check the electronic panels present in the terminal, where it will be possible to see the flight numbers, whether they are late or not.

It is really essential to be aware as it is common for changes to occur. After they call your flight, you just have to get in line, show your ticket and documents. Queue types, inclusive, will be explained below.

Shipping process:

Next step: in the boarding process, also known as queues to get on the plane, passengers will be divided into groups with different priorities. Your card will show the number of the row you belong to. In addition, at the airport there will be signs to guide you at that time.

People who need special attention and priorities by law (elderly people, pregnant women, people with infants and people with physical disabilities) will continue to have priority boarding and will have a special line for that.

This order varies depending on the airline, but is generally titled Priority, Normal and VIP, or Premium Row, A, B and C. They include frequent flyers, business class passengers, economy seats, and more.

After waiting in line, simply present the documents and enter the aircraft.

Entrance on the plane:

When you board the plane, simply look for your seat, usually marked by a number and letter, which will be printed on your boarding pass. If you have carry-on luggage, store your belongings in the compartment above the seat. The smallest item, which could be a bag, should be placed in front of you.

Okay, all right! You are now ready to embark on your first plane trip. Most flights offer a snack with drinks included, but this depends on the airline and the length of your trip.

Now, just fasten your seat belts and fly towards the realization of many dreams. After all, won’t this be the first of many plane trips?! Good trip!


The last step! Upon arrival at the destination, respect the instructions of the on-board staff. The plane’s employees will inform you of the possibility of disembarking after the landing procedure is finished. Passengers will be directed to designated departures and, if necessary, will be directed to a bus that will transport them to the airport building.

In the Arrivals area, there will be an indication of the number of the belt where your checked baggage will be collected. Generally, you receive a sticker pasted on the ticket paper (even at the time of dispatch, at the beginning) with the identification of the bag, but there is no inspection of this.

And now that everything is explained, plan ahead, make your plane trip easy and enjoy your destination!

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