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Tips to Protect Your Home Network Setup Perfectly

Home Network Setup

Technology has become an important part of daily life and it is more of a necessity now. From our smartphones to our computers and a handful of daily use appliances; everything is somehow dependent on Wi-Fi facilities. There is no denying the fact that technology is making our lives easier but at the same time it exposes us to different types of threats. The statistics show clearly that cybercrime is growing significantly. Therefore it is extremely crucial to ensure home network security and take all the necessary steps to enhance it.

Just like you would never leave the front door of your house open it is important to consider the security of your home network systems. Nobody wants their personal information to be unveiled or hacked. Therefore a good Home Network Setup which is secure and professional is an important investment. Tiny lapses in your security setup, which don’t seem troublesome, are enough for a good hacker to get into your system and get access to the data that they need. This is where, How London is a great service to look forward to. If you are in need of an expert to help you out in your home network setup, they are certainly the heroes to rely on.

Tips to Enhance your Home Network Setup Security:

Apart from getting a professional home network setup done it is important to take mandatory steps for further protection.

Set up a more secure Password and Username:

The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is to set up a username or password which is easy  for hackers to guess or they simply do not change their default ones. This is where the mistake is made and a huge loophole is provided to the hackers. The default usernames and passwords are the easiest to guess and hack. If the hacker gets access to your system they will change the password and username to whatever they like and you will be locked out of the system. Once you change the default username and password it becomes very difficult for hackers to get into your system. Therefore make sure that you set up a strong and difficult password and username for your Wi-Fi systems.

Home Network Setup

Use a VPN:

Using a VPN is one of the best ways to keep your data secure. There are definitely a lot of confusions regarding VPN utilization too but as long as you are not using it for illegal purposes, it is safe to get help from one. It basically encrypts data and does not reveal your private information or identity to the hacker. It also changes your IP address. This means that it changes your location and home address to something else. Anyone can use a VPN as it is accessible for computers, tablets and smartphones etc.

Turn your Wi-Fi off before leaving your home:

If you are going out, remember to turn your Wi-Fi off. It sounds like an unnecessary step but it can be really helpful. You don’t need to keep your Wi-Fi running 24/7. We recommend you to turn it off before going to sleep too. This simple step reduces your chances of being attacked by a hacker. It doesn’t require much of a hassle either. Therefore, why not do it?

Update your Router Software:

We all are guilty of not doing this regularly, aren’t we? But this is very important, in order to keep your home network setup secure. Many routers do not have an auto-update option available in them. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep checking it for updates.

The Router should be in the Centre of your Home:

While you are getting your home network setup being installed, make sure that you pay attention to its location. Majority of us don’t pay heed to it as we do not know the impact it can have on security. If you place your router near your door or window places, it is easily reachable by people around. Thus, to enhance the security, it is best to place it, in the centre of your home, so that the signals are reachable to the residents only.


These simple and easy steps are sufficient to help you provide extra security to your home network setup. However, you must never neglect the need of getting a professional to install proper security like CCTV Installation Greenwich for your home networks too. Taking additional steps is always smart. But you must start with the basics and then utilise these tips to shield your data and network systems to perfection.