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Top 10 Attributes that a Call Center Agent Must Possess to Ensure a Better Service


A call centre agent’s job is hectic and demanding all of the time. They must strike the correct balance between accomplishing their organization’s goals and offering the greatest possible customer service to its customers. As a result, businesses typically hire skilled and experienced call centre operators to manage their customer care services needs.

Each customer call is unique, and call centre agents must be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage these calls.

Here we have top 10 attributes that a sales agent should possess to move ahead of time and provide a quality service.

Great Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important abilities for any call centre representative. To hear and understand what the customer has to say, the agent must not only have excellent communication skills and be able to transmit the required message, but also be a patient listener.

Capability to Handle Pressure

A call centre agent typically handles a large amount of calls per day, and the agency may experience burnout as a result. They must frequently interact with irritated callers, therefore they must maintain calm and composed demeanor at all times and be capable of handling any circumstance.

Efficiency and Speed

A corporation wants each call centre representative to respond to a client’s questions and concerns in the quickest time possible. A call centre representative must be a quick learner who can handle a high volume of calls and resolve customer issues in a timely manner while maintaining the quality of service.

Problem Solving Abilities

Typically, call centre agents are given pre-written templates and scripts to help them deal with frequent questions and client difficulties. However, callers may occasionally have one-of-a-kind issues, which agents must address imaginatively. Putting calls on hold may have a negative impact on the company’s reputation, therefore representatives must be ready to fix any problem that arises.

Multitasking Ability

During peak hours, working in a call centre can be stressful and frantic. Agents must be able to multitask, such as taking notes and inputting data into the system while conversing with the caller on the phone. Clients are expected to be able to properly manage all tasks at all times.

Team Player

Working in a group is the most effective way to work at a call centre. Organizations seek to foster positive relationships among their employees so that they can lend a hand to one another when needed. The call centre agents must work well with others in order for the company to run efficiently and give excellent customer service.


One of the most basic and fundamental traits a call centre  outsourcing worker should have is empathy. A cheerful and welcoming demeanor while listening to and understanding the caller’s difficulties can go a long way toward establishing and maintaining a successful relationship.

Emotionally Stable

On a daily basis, call centre agents must interact with a wide range of consumers. The call centre agent must always be able to keep their emotions in check, whether they are talking with a polite and calm customer or a frustrated and angry one, as any irresponsible and aggressive reaction from the agent can exacerbate the problem.

Knowledge Retention and Recall

To be able to grasp and recall all the data about their organization, call centre agents must have a good memory and recall capacity. Callers want immediate responses, and agents must be able to provide them without incurring any delays.

Positive Attitude

When dealing with customers, the call centre representative must maintain a cheerful attitude and be patient. A positive attitude will always help to create trust and keep the client engaged, as well as prevent any escalation in the client’s antagonism, especially if the issue is taking a long time to address.

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