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Top 10 Important Reasons to Study MBBS in Ukraine

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For most Indian students studying MBBS is still a recurring dream. However when reality checks in this dream are often given up simply because the course is not affordable or because clearing the NEET exam is yet another hurdle. Hidden costs like donations that are required to be paid at the time of admission are other reasons why so many young aspirants are not able to fulfil their dreams. For all such students Ukraine seems to be the answer and the solution because

  1. The course fee and cost of living are very affordable for Indian students. The course fee for the study period of MBBS which is five years and eight months is just 16.25 lakhs. This is very low when compared to what it is in India.
  2. You can directly get admission in MBBS in any of the recognized institutions in Ukraine. Many students in India are unable to pursue their MBBS dream because of the NEET entrance exam. In Ukraine you only have to appear for a screening test on completion of the degree.
  3. The cost of studying MBBS in Ukraine is almost 70% lesser than what it is in India.
  4. The quality of education is also very high and of world class standards. Students are exposed to a multicultural environment which broadens their views of the world.
  5. Medical Universities in Ukraine have highly experienced medical professors and faculty. The universities have strict criteria for employing faculty to create a better educational environment. This automatically reflects on the quality of education.
  6. There is no need to clear TOEFL, IELTS or for that matter even NEET exam in order to secure an MBBS seat. You only have to appear for a general screening test on completion of the degree.
  7. The MBBS degree or any other medical degree obtained from a Ukrainian university is recognised by MCI (Medical Council of India, UNESCO, WHO and FAIMER.
  8. There is no donation or any kind of hidden fees involved in the admission process. This is a huge boon for Indian students because in India securing a seat in a medical college means paying huge amounts of money as a capitation fee.
  9. English is the medium of instruction in all colleges for the study of any medical degree. 
  1. Every student gets individual attention because the teacher to student ratio over here is 1:14. 

There are many reasons behind why Ukrainian universities are highly preferred for the study of MBBS. One of the reasons is that some of the top Ukrainian universities have made their presence felt at a global level. Another advantage is that students pursuing or planning to complete MBBS in a Ukrainian university will get FMGE or MCI screening test coaching from Indian teachers at the university campus in Ukraine.