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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


Mobile App Development Space is the most fast-paced technology space ever. Technology and apps that were the star of the app store the previous month with the highest downloads can be forgotten if they don’t transform themselves according to the trend.


2021 and the following years are going to witness an innovative transformation in mobile apps across the world. We HAve picked out some of the leading mobile app development trends that are surely going to take the center stage in the coming years.

Growing Artificial Intelligence

The buzz around artificial intelligence has been around since the last decade. We have witnessed the potential of Artificial Intelligence at early stages in sci-fi movies and talks by leaders of the technology space. However, the use of artificial intelligence was limited to corporate giants and government organizations.


Finally, we are in a time where it has become convenient to incorporate artificial intelligence in mobile applications. This is aimed towards making user experiences more personalized and immersive for the users.

The future of mobile app development services is going to heavily rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate personalized and customized features for its users.

Increased Adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, the utility of blockchain is so much more than assisting transactions of digital coins.


The decentralized architecture of the technology makes it easier for mobile app developers to resolve several shortcomings of traditional mobile app development. We see a rise in technocrats and mobile app developers adopting blockchain as a technology powering their mobile app development.


Blockchain also offers integrity of data but keeping a record of every transaction of information. This brings transparency in the process that users have always wanted. We are headed towards a future where data privacy is going to be of major concern, thud data protection through blockchain looks like a viable option for today.

Increase in On-demand apps

If the last decade is any metric to go by, we are surely going to see a surge of on-demand apps breaking into the scene in near future. The users today want their needs to be fulfilled. And they want it to be done as soon as possible.


Some of the best-known On-demand apps are Uber, Postmates, Fiverr, Rinse, Dunzo, UrbanClap, Bloomhat, and many more. The trend of on-demand apps looks bright as head towards a future that has an even shorter attention span.

Widespread Chatbots usage

Chatbots are software applications incorporated in websites and mobile apps to conduct an online conversation via text or text-to-speech. The bots are designed to simulate the way a human behaves in a conversation.


Chatbots have been around for quite some time now. However, developers and technology enthusiasts are dedicated to incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence to make the experience for users more immersive and interactive.


If we look closely at the trend of mobile app development, we find that business owners, founders, and developers want to create personalized experiences for users catering to their predictive expectations. Chatbots are one of the many efforts towards that.

Dominating Wearable Apps

The Internet of Things and Data analyses has revolutionized the world in a way no one could ever think of. The time in which the attention span of users gets shorter every passing moment, wearables provide everything they seek on the go.


With the rise in technology of IoT, the number of wearables and devices connecting to them is only going to skyrocket in the coming years. App developers continue to make developing apps for wearable apps as we walk into the future that’s full of them,

Other Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Mobile apps development is not limited to the mentioned five technologies. There are lots of technologies being brewed underground preparing to disrupt the mobile app development services by a thunderstorm in the coming years. Some of these technologies include:

  1. Instant Apps
  2. Decentralized Applications
  3. Virtual reality, Augmented Reality
  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages


As the technology keeps growing and we are introduced to innovative concepts every year, the guiding light behind mobile app development remains the same. The Mobile app developers should understand that their app is expected to provide a personalized and immersive experience to users. As long as they take care of this, they will never be out of the favorites.