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Top 10 Sources for Writing Trending Blog Topics


The popularity of blogging is skyrocketing. People like reading useful postings from a variety of blogs on the internet. They discover methods to connect themselves to the issue at hand. Bloggers often love connecting with readers who offer their thoughts in the blog’s comments area. Bloggers, on the other hand, encounter certain difficulties when it comes to creating entertaining and useful material for their readers. The selection of a topic for the blog is at the top of the list of obstacles that bloggers encounter.
Bloggers have a difficult time coming up with a good topic for their next blog. They might become trapped in a rut when it comes to choosing subjects and sources for blog articles. When the bloggers go on the web and look for the words ‘Do My Dissertation For Me UK‘, they are provided with an ample amount of research material for blog topics and content.

Best Sources for Writing Trendy Blog Topics

Writing attractive blogs about topics that are popular and discussed on social media platforms is one of the greatest methods to increase the visibility and traffic to your blog content. Trending subjects get traction for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are perceived to be more valuable to the reader. This type of material is also more likely to receive links and shares. Following are some of the best sources for you to refer to if you are looking for a trendy blog topic:


One of the finest forums for identifying popular material, in our opinion, is Quora. When we are coming up with article ideas, we go to Quora and look at the most popular questions. You may use the platform to keep track of key subjects in your field. After that, the questions/queries will continue to appear in your Quora newsfeed. You may also see the most recent questions by selecting the ‘New Questions’ option. There are plenty of fascinating queries in the community to help you come up with ideas for your next blog article.


Feedly is a fantastic resource for finding out what is hot right now. With just one click, you may subscribe to some of the most popular blogs in your industry. You may easily find related papers by selecting a category. Simply subscribe to their feed and all of their new material will appear in your Feedly dashboard. Feedly is a freemium app that works on both desktop and mobile devices.


Many pieces of material are extensively shared on social media platforms. These items are special because they are one-of-a-kind and precious. You need to get your hands on these content pieces if you want to learn more about what is working. Buzzsumo is one tool that can assist you in locating specialized content with the most social shares. If you type in a sample subject or keywords, you will get the URLs for all of those articles, as well as the number of shares they have received on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Medium is another great site to look for hot material in your sector. Medium is a content publishing platform that is completely free to use. It is a fantastic network for discovering genuinely exceptional stuff. You may utilize the platform’s category search to find some popular blog articles and choose which ones to write about. You may use Medium on your laptop or download its mobile app after logging in and creating a free account.


Some communities may not be as well-known, but they are unquestionably valuable. Reddit is one such community that may help you come up with some interesting stuff for your next blog article. The community assists you in determining the freshness and popularity of information. Look for a relevant subReddit where people are talking about your topic. To identify trending subjects, check for tabs such as hot, rising, and new.

Google Trends

Another free tool with a lot of cool features is Google Trends. It assists you in conducting comparative keyword research to see which ones are being discussed the most. You can use the tool to look at the web, image, and video trends, as well as Google shopping trends.

LinkedIn Pulse

On a daily basis, LinkedIn Pulse helps you locate some of the top articles and professional conversations. These articles are chosen by LinkedIn editors and contain content that has been published both on and off the network.

Social Mention

This is another amazing online app for finding the most recent material in your field. Simply enter your keywords to locate up-to-date material in your niche. It allows you to search for material in any format (Blogs, Microblogs, Videos, and so on) or just one of them. You may use the tool to search for precise keywords, which will help you get more relevant results. You may use the tool to find articles from as recently as one day ago, twelve hours ago, or an hour ago.


For content marketers, Pocket is a must-have app. Its main advantage is that it allows you to store your favorite articles and refer to them whenever and wherever you like. The ‘Explore’ option was recently added to the app, allowing you to put in any terms in your specialty and uncover articles that other Pocket users are saving. One of the best ways to locate popular material on Pocket is to use the search bar. ‘Recommended’, ‘Trending’, and ‘Must Reads’ are some of the other important categories within the Pocket app.


This is another great freemium tool for finding hot material in your industry. To find a topic URL or author, simply type it into the tool’s search field. EpicBeat offers a one-of-a-kind search help tool that suggests keywords, authors, and websites depending on your preferences. You may also use the tool’s advanced search function to narrow down your results. It allows you to evaluate the most popular content pieces and shares, as well as provide a list of people who have shared the material in the previous week.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to effective blogging, it is not just the topic that stands out. Your content needs to be catchy and trendy too. There are a few more considerations to make while blogging on hot subjects. Make an effort to outdo some of the most popular content items. It will assist you in increasing the number of shares and visibility of your blog article.
By including a point of view in your tale, you may give an interesting twist to the issue. You may make it more helpful by including relevant examples and case studies. The web can provide you with an ample amount of research materials. You just have to know what you need to look for. For instance, if you want to write a blog on dissertation writing then your search words should be something like this ‘Do My Dissertation For Me UK’. This way you will yield results for both content and topics. Moreover research is the backbone of any good write up. Hence, looking up on the internet is always beneficial for your writing as well as a great source to increase personal knowledge.


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