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Top 10 YouTubers who play Roblox

Roblox Rule 34

We all know the fan base of Roblox. Many gamers are playing Roblox, and it has made it one of the best gaming platforms so far. Let us see the List of YouTubers who love Roblox and have been displaying their excellent gameplay for a while.


As referenced before, Roblox is a game that has a global fan base. The stage’s top YouTuber, Pozzi, is situated in Russia. His channel right now has 11.5 million supporters from everywhere in the world. Even though Roblox isn’t the main game he plays, it’s one that many individuals come to his channel to see. Pozzi transfers content consistently, and he is known for his inventive and wise interactivity. Get Redeem Microsoft Code.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to note that every one of his recordings is in Russian, making a significant language obstruction for specific individuals. The uplifting news, in any case, is that breaking the hindrance may be simpler than you might suspect. YouTube’s nearby inscription highlight has an auto-decipher choice that can interpret the sound in the video into captions in your ideal language. However, this choice may not be accessible for all dialects.


Coming in under Pozzi with 11.2 endorsers, Evelyn Vallejos, AKA Lyna, transfers Roblox content consistently. Lyna’s recordings are in Spanish, so non-Spanish speakers should depend on English captions to track her critique. Even though gaming is regularly overwhelmed by men, Lyna demonstrates that ladies can stay aware of their best. Notwithstanding Roblox content, Lyna likewise plays different games, including my craft and Sims 4.


Flamingo is a YouTube gaming channel that centres fundamentally on Roblox. The channel is facilitated by a New Jersey-based gamer named Albert Aretz, who initially made substances under Albert’s Stuff. However, when he began his Flamingo channel, he chose to relinquish the cussing. Roblox fans in the United States will need to look at Albert’s substance to get a general feel for the game and get familiar with some of the tips and deceives.

Happy Hopper

HappyHopper (recently known as MooseCraft Roblox or MooseBlox) is a pleasant channel for youngsters. This Roblox Rule 34 YouTube channel can make watchers giggle. The recordings are story-based and are recorded for youngsters explicitly. The channel has 832K supporters with north of 130 million viewers. The posting recurrence is low. Happy Hopper posts 29 recordings each year, which means you’ll see 2-3 new recordings consistently.

Hyper Roblox

This Roblox YouTube channel is controlled by Dylan, who transfers recordings day by day. For the most part, the recordings are story-based that children love to watch. The channel has 1.65 million supporters and more than 352 million perspectives.


Known as Justin Watkins within the actual international, Thinknoodles is more recognized to Roblox lovers through his YouTube channel. He has been importing movies on the platform for the last ten years. During that time, he has performed numerous unique games. However, an excellent part of his content material has begun cognizance of Roblox.

Not most effective do humans experience watching Thinknoodles play; however, he additionally offers an enjoyable statement that makes his movies thrilling and fun. In addition to posting lengthy movies, he is likewise recognized for shorter clips that are commonly ultimate for much less than 30 seconds.

Unlike a number of the opposite humans in this list, Thinknoodle isn’t a millennial or a member of Gen Z. According to his web page on Fandom, he was born in 1977, which means that he’s drawing near his mid-40s.


Based in California, Gaming with Kev has made quite a call for himself all around the international way on his YouTube channel. He now has over seventy-five million subscribers, and the variety continues developing. Kev is thought of gambling some unique games; however, currently, his content material is solely centred on Roblox.

On the pinnacle of being called a fantastic gamer, Kev is likewise recognized for having a fantastic experience of humour. Gaming with Kev additionally does a fantastic task of exploring plenty of the unique elements Roblox international offers. While gaming is what made Kev famous, he also stocks different factors of his lifestyle on social media that many different game enthusiasts keep away from doing.


Zachary Tarnopol is higher recognized on YouTube below his display screen call, Poke. He has been importing movies at the platform because, in 2011, he ended up extraordinarily famous within the Roblox community. He presently has greater than five million subscribers, consisting of humans from throughout the international.

As far as we know, Poke most effectively posts Roblox content material and has now no longer streamed another game. He regularly collaborates with different YouTubers, which include Tofu. In addition to his fundamental channel, he additionally has a 2nd one referred to as More Poke, wherein he uploads extra Roblox content material.


When it involves YouTube internationally, Tofuu is what many would describe as an OG. Even though he’s nonetheless in his early 20s, he began his YouTube adventure as an infant with a Lego assessment channel.

However, in the end, he determined to desert that channel and was cognizant of all of his efforts on growing gaming movies. Since starting his YouTube gaming adventure in 2011, Tofu has earned over four million subscribers. His channel continues to be developing rapidly.


Sketch, whose actual call is Elijah Best, is a Massachusetts-primarily based total gamer who has been creating a call for himself way to his Roblox content material. Even though he’s a bit more modern to YouTube than a number of the opposite humans in this list, he’s completed a few severe numbers.

His YouTube channel has almost 4 million subscribers, and he maintains to draw new visitors to his innovative content material.


These were the top YouTubers who play Roblox. If you like any of the channels, feel free to give a review.