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Top 12 Cool Google Search Easter EggsYou You Need To Try Right Now


Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. A lot of people use Google in their life for both work and personal use. But you may or may not know that Google is quite cheeky and has several Easter Eggs tricks that you can have fun trying out.

Top 12 Cool Google Tricks You Need To Try Right Now

1. Just a Carni Trick

Type “Do a Barrel Roll” in a Google search box without the quotes and press Search. Your browser window will do a 360-degree roll. You can get the same result by typing “z or r twice” without the quotes. The barrel roll is a reference to Nintendo Star Fox series. The “z or r twice” is referring to the control buttons player would press in the game.

When you search the phrase “Askew” the search result page tilts a bit.

2. Cute Word Play

Surprise! Google loves word plays with certain searches. So if you are searching for the word Anagram, Google will suggest the phrase “nag a ram”. Cheeky Google.

Another wordplay is when someone searches for the word “recursion”. Recursion means “the repeated application of a recursive procedure”. If you search “Recursion” google suggests you “Recursion”. See What they did there?

3. The Zerg Attack

Starcraft video game series had a race of insectoid aliens called “Zerg”. And Google has added this nostalgic alien race as a game. In the game, these aliens (red circles on your screen) start destroying your search results and you need to click on them as fast as you can to stop them. To play this game search for Zerg Rush with Google and click on the first result.

4. Fictional Languages are not out of reach.

On the top right corner of your Google homepage, hit the grid with 9 squares and go to My Account. At the bottom of the page, find Language under Data and Personalization section. Here in addition to language from around the world, you will also find fictional languages like the Muppets language(Bork, bork, bork!), Elmer Fudd (Ewmew Fudd), Klingon, and language of the pirates.

5. The Gravity Trick

When you search the phrase “Google Gravity” the Google search result page will shatter into pieces. You can then bounce the shattered pieces using your mouse.

6. The Google Arcade

Most of us are acquainted with the famous T-REX game that google home page pops when the internet is no longer available. But there is another game which you might not be aware of. On the 30th anniversary of the popular arcade game PAC-MAN in 2010, Google created an in-browser version of the game.

7. Interesting Phrases To Search On Google

Just Google the phrase “Answer to Life, Universe, and Everything”. The answer is quite interesting.

Another interesting phrase that yields an interesting answer is “Once in a blue moon”. Turns out it is not just a vague expression.

8. Tribute To F.R.I.E.N.D.S

We know Google likes to give tributes. Special day or the birth anniversary of great minds is celebrated with a custom banner on Google’s homepage. But Google shows its love and tribute in some other creative ways too as it did for one of the most popular daily soap programs.

Type the name of any character of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and search. For example “Rachel Green”. The search result page will have a rectangular block on the right side of the page. Below the character’s images, you will find an icon. For example the classic Rachel hair-do in case of Rachel. Clicking on these icons result in some very interesting results. FYI, Joey’s icon is a personal favourite.

9. A Tribute to “Wizard of Oz”

It is just like the tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Search “Wizards of Oz” and look for the shoe icon in the rectangular block on the right side of the result page. Click on the icon for a surprise.

10. You need no Timer

Just search for “Set Time for 5 Mins” (replace the 5 mins with any period of time). And there you have it a self-timer on Google.

11. No more Tip Conundrum

One of the conundrum when dining out is to know how much you should tip. Just search “What to Tip for” + “Amount”. A tip calculator will open in the search where you can adjust the percentage of the tip. The calculator is in dollars.

You can use a similar searching method for calculating percentages and for different types of conversions metrics.

12. Heads/Tails

Just search for “Flip a Coin” when you actually don’t have a coin to flip. Google’s search result will have an answer for you.

You can search for “roll a die”. Amazing for people who have games but the Die is lost.

So these were the 12 cool easter eggs that are great for when you want to pass time. But there are other things to do for passing time. Talking to people you love for example. And when you are away from home one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is via the language you grew up in.

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