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Top 15 Benefit Of Using Animation On Social Media In 2021

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The animation is the leading type of content when it comes to performance. So, why should you use it on social media? Does your social media suffer from a lack of attention from your target audience? Or, does your page attracts them but does not hold them for long? What can you do to solve that? Many would suggest using visual content, but not many understand the importance and role that animation plays in doing so.

So, why animation? Not only because it is attractive, but also because it is affordable. Therefore, in order to understand the help that animation can give you, let us dive in and see how animated content can help you yield better results in social media marketing.

1.   Higher Retention Rates

As mentioned previously, one of the major concerns of many businesses and marketers is to retain their audience. You can use thorough SEO strategies and employ native social media marketing tactics. However, if you do not have the means to hold your audience’ attention, not only will it all go in vain, but also it will paint your brand or company’s name as bland and boring. To prevent that, using animation goes a long way. Not only because it increases retention rates, but also because it proves to be highly attractive.

2.   Attractive Content Draws Audience

Speaking of attracting an audience, you can write compelling social media posts or use visual content like infographics or data charts. But, nothing draws an audience like a well-made animated video, does. Why is that? Not only because it has attractive material like 2D or 3D animation, but also because it is easier to look at. Think about it like this, would you rather go through a detailed social media post about a product, or would you rather look at an animation video while you relax? The answer to this question might help you solve the problem.

3.   Explains Intricate Topics

Social media networks of businesses talk about a variety of complex topics. For example, if you wish to explain how your products can help your target consumer, then a blog post, web content or a social media post might give them the details. But, does it make it easier to understand for them? Not only does animation do that, but it also helps simplify complex topics. So, focusing on using animation to help with complex topics can go a long way.

4.   Entertaining

One of the major reasons why consumers like animation are because it is entertaining. Once again, a social media post with details, might provide what they need to know, but does it have the means to keep them hooked? So, in order to keep them entertained while you provide what they need to understand, it is imperative to use animated content.

5.   Educative

Animated content can be educative as well as entertaining. According to an expert of animated explainer company the reason why many prefer animated content is that it helps convey complex topics with a variety of simplifying traits.

6.   Suitable For All Types Of Topics

Speaking of various topics, animated content is suitable for them all. Whether you wish to talk about quantum science or address the benefits of your product or service, the animation is suitable for all sort of topics.


There you have it, the six main benefits of using animated content on social media. However, the key is to understand your need and strategize the way to employ them properly. Then, it can help you gain the aforementioned benefits as well.