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Top 4 Reasons to Consider Living in Sharjah

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Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and it is definitely one of the nation’s pride as a whole.

Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Sharjah is a good place to live for a number of reasons, including affordable rent, education, and a nice lifestyle.

Everyone is visiting Dubai for its cleverly curated entertainment, dining, and nightlife, but Sharjah is where you can get up close and personal with the real UAE. Sharjah is much more than the neighbor of his famous sister, the Emirate of Dubai.

The UAE is generally viewed as a luxury destination and as being very expensive, especially in terms of living costs. Still, while that is a fact, some emirates, including Sharjah, are considered to be a more reasonably priced option when it comes to flat for rent and villa sale when it comes to cost-effective lifestyles.

Healthy savings

Healthy savings are one of the reasons to consider rental properties in Sharjah. It’s pretty convenient to save more money than anywhere else. The ability to build a great saving habit comes with a moderate lifestyle. Little expenditure means more savings. Even a modest culture makes the entire saving process much easier, as you tend to spend less on unnecessary things.

Affordable Living with All Facilities

Rental properties, schools, and entertainment destinations are among the very affordable things in the Emirate. Life is comfortable and a great place to save money. Getting a flat for rent in Sharjah is a smart option as you save a lot on your rent. According to online listings, one-bedroom rental properties in Sharjah range from Dh30,000 to Dh40,000, rarely hitting the expensive Dh50,000 mark.

Many areas in Sharjah are diverse communities with easy access to facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and grocery stores.

Affordable Rent

Why there is a reduction in Sharjah’s demand for flats for rent in comparison with Dubai?

The main reason is the increased new supply in rental properties in Sharjah and some downward correction in villa sale rates in Dubai. This has encouraged some of the residents of Sharjah who have moved to Dubai in recent years. Thus, we see a fall in the demand and rents.

Sharjah offers larger and affordable units compared to the more industrial zones (housing). As a matter of fact, there are thousands of people who find it hard to move out of the Emirate simply because it offers budget-friendly housing than any other Emirate that even charges ridiculous amounts for a similar provision.

Extensive Living Spaces

The units in Sharjah are more extensive than those in Dubai. According to ValuStrat, a one-bedroom apartment in Sharjah is usually about 850 sq ft to 900 sq ft compared to about 650 sq ft in Dubai.

Apartments in Sharjah are built with high-quality materials at very good prices. There are large bedrooms, large living rooms, and spacious kitchens, and while this is a top priority during construction, residents tend to embrace this opportunity at an affordable cost.

However, the downside to Sharjah is often old buildings with less modern amenities such as underground parking, swimming pools, and gyms.

If you are looking for affordable living spaces, rental properties in Sharjah is an excellent option to move into.