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Top 5 Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic exercise is a form of cardio workout. The word “Aero” stands for oxygen. There are numerous aerobic exercises that can help lose fat and burn calories. Aerobics have proved to provide maximum health benefits over the years. It is an effective exercise routine that helps in blood circulation and improves overall health. There are various fitness tranier that offer aerobic activities.

What is an Aerobic Exercise?

As quoted in Dr. Cooper’s Book- Aerobics Program For Total Well-Being, “Aerobics is an endurance activity which takes place over a relatively long time period and depends on establishing activity which takes place over a relatively long time period and depends on establishing a balance between the intake and expenditure of the oxygen.”  

 Benefits of Aerobics exercises:

Before starting to learn about the best aerobics exercises offered by the fitness studio gym, let’s first understand it’s benefits. 

Aerobics workout constantly uses oxygen and also improves blood circulation. Calorie burning in aerobics exercises depends on the intensity of your workout and level of physical activity. By level we mean, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainer. 

If you’re a beginner, then we suggest you start with a low intensity. If you have a pre-medical condition, it is vital to consult your physician before starting the aerobics workout routine at any studio gym.  

Let’s move on to learn some benefits of aerobic exercise:

  • Aerobic exercise is good for bone health, arthritis and many more health conditions.
  • It helps to strengthen muscles.
  • It helps in maintaining good blood pressure levels. 
  • It pumps the heart thus improving heart efficiency.
  • It can also reduce and lower depression as well as stress levels.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions. 

Now that you’re aware of the benefits an aerobics can provide, let’s move on to some best aerobic exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home.

As the pandemic situation is ongoing, many gyms and fitness studios are still shut. However, these fitness studios are offering online fitness classes such as functional training, yoga, aerobics, HIIT with or without equipment that will help you to adapt to a healthy living and stay fit. 

  • Zumba Fitness:

For those who love to dance, can take up Zumba sessions. These are fun ways to lose weight and stay fit. Zumba is a certified exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s. Hence, Zumba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC.

Zumba is the combination of all music around the world in a fun way which includes dance moves that can be done at low or at a high intensity. YouTube offers various Zumba sessions that can be done depending on your level of intensity. As mentioned above, Zumba is fun and the most effective way to burn some calories. 

Zumba is the most loved aerobic workout, well who doesn’t like to dance in the rhythm of different music. All you have to do is follow the instructor and enjoy to the fullest. You can check Zumba classes available at your nearby fitness studio gym. No equipment is required to do Zumba. Just groove your body to the rhythm. 

  • Swimming:

Swimming is another best aerobic/cardio exercise one can do. Why do you think it is? Because it uses the complete body to move. Swimming is not just an exercise but also considered as a sport. Swimming is also a part of many school curriculum activities.

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that requires oxygen for the muscles. It is a great and effective cardio workout. Swimming provides many health benefits for people suffering with arthritis and health conditions. Swimming has no age bar and you can take swimming lessons at any age. Swimming helps burn a lot of calories and even tones the body depending on your swimming technique. 

  • Cycling:

Cycling is another best fitness activity (It is even on my bucket list). In foregn countries, many offices promote cycling and provide perks and benefits to their employees who cycle to work and home. Even in India, many individuals are starting to cycle because of health benefits and environmental factors.

Cycling is the use of a bicycle that we learn at a very young age. It is even the first bike that we receive as a gift. You can go cycling together with your family and friends. Exercising together can be a lot more fun. Cycling is an environment-friendly choice that does not consume fuel or create noise and air pollution. 

This is so rewarding! Doing cycling for yor health benefit as well as for the environment’s benefit. If you lack space in your locality to cycle, then you may hit the Gym at Prabhadevi or any other nearby area and avail of indoor cycling. 

  • Walking:

Walking is the easiest and best form of workout. You can do this activity at any time of the day. The only goal is to keep moving as much as you can and sit less. You can walk to the office (if it is at a walkable distance) or walk your dog when you have time. You can climb stairs (instead of using the lift) and so many other ways to choose walking as your aerobic activity.


If you want to level up your walking game, then try doing brisk walking and make it longer. Waking has so many health benefits:

  • It helps to improve mood.
  • It helps to maintain ideal weight.
  • It is very good for a healthy heart.
  • It is good for your overall muscles.

And so much more! All you have to do is grab those sports shoes and walk (you may find a partner to do along with) for some extra fun. Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. 

  • Running/Jogging:

Imagine sweating and burning calories at the same time and fitting into your old skinny jeans! Geez! What a great feeling that would be! Isn’t it? Running or Jogging is a holistic approach in batting a good health- mentally, physically and emotionally. It is good for your overall well-being.

If you’re a beginner or new to running, then it is advised to start with jogging first. You can switch between walk and jog for at least 30 minutes and level up your running game eventually. Before starting to run, stretch out of your muscles to avoid injury. 


If you have a sedentary lifestyle, make a change and start with walking first. Level up your aerobic activity by opting for a more intense workout. You can switch between the above mentioned aerobic exercises. Zumba, swimming, walking, cycling, running and jogging all provides great health benefits. You can either opt for online gym classes to shred some calories and stay fit. 

Starting a workout routine can be difficult in the beginning. But once you develop the habit, it is hard to get rid of it. You can involve friends or family to workout together and find that inclination. Start with warm up and a few stretches before starting for fitness training. This will help avoid muscle injury. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up and start NOW!


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