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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Certifications in Course Curricula


With each passing day, artificial intelligence is gaining momentum not only in the IT industry but also in other industries like healthcare, banking, insurance, telecom, logistics, and more. Result: Surge in demand for AI professionals who have specialized skills like machine learning, deep learning, robotics, NLP, among others. But, as always, with the evolving technology, something is missing; here also, something is amiss.

What is it? Skills. Yes, the aspiring AI professionals are skills deficit, and earlier, they had no appropriate channel or education to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge in the field.

Solution: Certifications in Artificial Intelligence have now become the answer for many aspiring AI professionals, business and technology leaders.

Why Artificial Intelligence Certifications?

Numerous professionals have raised this question repeatedly, and here are some facts on AI certifications.

  • Certifications are cost-effective as compared to other online/offline degree programs.
  • They are not time-consuming, unlike the degree courses that commonly take longer time to complete, sometimes more than two years.
  • Certification programs usually have curriculums with specific current topics and are regularly updated and upgraded according to industry standards.
  • Many certification programs are self-paced, and you don’t have to visit any campus to get the certification. You can apply for it, study, and take the relative exam from the comfort of your home, office, or home office.
  • The learning is not only personalized but can also be customized.

There are many more advantages of going in for certifications in Artificial Intelligence. So, without wasting more time, here are some of the top artificial intelligence certifications you may like to pursue.

  1. MIT AI Online Program: One of the best programs for artificial intelligence. The program offers you practical knowledge of AI along with its business applications. Result: you are equipped with the knowledge and confidence you will need to drive your business into an efficient, innovative, and sustainable enterprise of the future. You will gain the ability not only to lead but also to learn strategic decision-making and augmented business performance through the integration of important AI management and leadership insights into how your company is operating. Blending the power and the thought process of two MIT schools – the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory – the program offers you a deep understanding of AI concepts from a business perspective.

The program’s curriculum is divided into six modules – wherein the first module is Introduction to Artificial Intelligence; the second one talks about Machine Learning in Business; Natural Language Processing in Business; Robotics in Business; Artificial Intelligence in Business and Society; and finally, you will learn about the Future of Artificial Intelligence. You may log in to their website for detailed information on the program.

  1. Machine Learning by Stanford University (Coursera): Machine Learning is one of the important subsets of artificial intelligence, and it is the science behind your machines imitating human behavior. Self-driven cars, customized online searches, speech recognition are a few of the numerous gifts of machine learning. Deeply embedded in our lives, machine learning is everywhere, and you may be using it without even realizing that it is a machine learning algorithm at work. The program will teach you the machine learning techniques that are most effective. You will be practicing implementing them and even get them to work for you as well. The program not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also ensures that you gain practical knowledge and can apply the learned techniques to solve new problems.

The program features a comprehensive introduction to machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, along data mining. These are some of the topics you will be learning in this course –

  • Supervised learning comprising non-parametric/parametric algorithms, kernels, support vector machines, and neural networks.
  • Unsupervised learning comprising clustering, deep learning, dimensionally reduction, and recommender systems.
  • Best practices in machine learning including innovation process in AI and machine learning, and bias and variation theory.

The program also features examples from various applications and case studies for a more practical learning approach. Result: Applicants have the first experience to apply algorithms to create smart robots, understanding text, medical informatics, database mining, computer mining, among other areas.

  1. AI Certifications by the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™): The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute offers three major vendor-neutral AI certifications for aspiring and senior-level AI professionals and business leaders.
  • The Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™) is specific to professionals who want to learn the basics of artificial intelligence, including industry-relevant topics like Python, Machine Learning Pipelines, algorithms, deep learning with Tensorflow, NLP, Computer Vision, GAN, etc.
  • The Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™) is specific to mid-level professionals looking for better growth. This program includes topics like Fraud prevention with Cloud AI, Customer Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Chatbots, advanced Robotics, etc. The program also boasts of covering topics from business perspectives to give an insight to business leaders – these include topics like Machine Learning for business functions, NLP for business, applications of AI for business and society, managing high-performing analytics teams, etc.
  • The Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS™) is specific to senior professionals who are looking for decision-making positions and includes topics like, Computer Vision techniques, Recurrent Neural Networks, DQN, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, etc.

USAII™ claims that the certifications have been designed as per the industry demand for skilled professionals and have the latest curricula. Each of the certifications has been curated by brilliant industry minds and has been vetted/verified by the AI experts. Each program also provides online workshops and practice codes for practical learnings in their e-learning modules. These are the best AI certification programs if you are a serious AI professional or a business leader. You may want to visit their website for detailed information on each of the certifications’ curricula.

  1. AI for Everyone (Coursera): As the name suggests, the program is designed for everyone by Coursera. Yes, even individuals with zero technical knowledge can opt for this program. The introduction to this course begins with the phrase – that is AI is not just for engineers. One of the best programs for businesses seeking to become better at AI-based technologies. Especially the non-technical staff can also take this course. The program will teach you –
  • What do the common AI terminology mean, including data science along with machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning
  • What are the realistic functions of AI, and what are not?
  • Ability to identify the opportunities where you can apply AI to figure out the solutions at your organization
  • How to create data science and machine learning models from a scratch
  • The program will also teach you how you can work with an AI team and how to build an AI strategy for your organization
  • To navigate societal and ethical discussions revolving around AI

The program has been designed for non-engineers; however, engineers can take the course to understand AI’s business aspects.

  1. Enterprise AI and Machine Learning by Cloudera: This program by Cloudera will enable you to shift your focus from technology to impactful results, which empowers the ongoing optimization in the field. There is no single platform that powers and unifies machine learning and data workflows in the present world. The program will teach you
  • to unlock the business value with machine learning and AI now
  • how to take an AI factory approach for turning the data into actionable decisions

The program Enterprise AI and Machine Learning by Cloudera helps applicants directly address the major challenges of cloud technology. The program also helps in building the agility and power of cloud computing, but at the same time, it is not limited to any single data source or provider.

These are some of the top AI certifications from reputed institutes. You may log in to their respective websites to know more about their curriculum.