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Top 5 C# innovative projects 2021

project ideas c sharp
project ideas c sharp

C# is a programming language that is widely used for building GUI application for windows, mobile applications,softwares etc. Here are the list of Top 5 C# innovative projects 2021.

1)Online survey for covid Vaccination

  • Creating a Visual c# application form for storing the data of those people who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated.
  • Making a table using Database and access it through GUI inteface to manage the database, updating the records,deleting the records,editing the records etc.

2)Online Library system for higher students

  • Make an online library system where we can access pdf of NCERT from class 8 to 12.
  • Also stores the database of 10 years solved question papers of all competitive examinations.

4)Online Test application

  • This application can take the test on the basis of topics and give the results instantly.
  • The questions are in the form of multiple choice questions and user need to select the correct option.
  • As soon as we submit the test results should appear sowing the number of correct answers and number of incorrect answers and display the total score.

5)Feedback Management system for Local government

  • Using this Feedback management system state Government can easily check the work of MLA and local government official.
  • This feedback online survery can collect the feedback from people of any locality of city which can be used for data analysis.

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